Thursday, May 24, 2012

#1 question asked

as i've traveled down this road i've been asked several times what my secret is, or what is my best advice....well here it is:


ok that sounds like it doesn't fit with eating a low fat/high fiber diet or trying to lose weight...but it does! what i mean is that you have to make choices every minute of every day about what you are putting in your body. so make good choices. that doesn't mean that if you are craving a piece of chocolate cake you have to go eat a stick of celery instead! no no no! that doesn't work. all that will do is make you crave that chocolate cake more! so what do i do?

first of all i know that at the end of the day, when the kids are asleep and the house is quiet i am going to be craving something sweet. i'm sure part of that is because before i started this journey it was almost a nightly routine for larry and i to have a bowl of ice cream...or some m&m's....or something like that! since i know i'm going to crave something at the end of the day i save a few points for a treat at night. then i have my cupboard and freezer stocked with yummy treats that are low in points. yes the portion size is smaller and that really annoyed me in the beginning, but now i am used to it. over the months my stomach has shrunk and those portions (which are the correct portion size instead of "super sized") are perfect!

what kind of treats do i stock up on? not surprisingly i've found several Weight Watchers food items that i love. ok maybe it is surprising to some people...but i like them :) here are just a couple:

the snack cakes and the fudge bars help satisfy my chocolate craving...along with Fiber One brownies and Nabisco has these 100 calorie packs "oreo" and "nutterbutter". i love those! i'm having a hard time finding them in my area though :(

there's a little sneak peak into my cupboard...i have other snacks for that salty craving and creamy craving...i'll get to those in a later post. but for now i hope that helps some of you find yummy things to replace those really fattening cravings with! if you have any favorites let me know! maybe you have found something i haven't yet! i always like finding new "treats" :)


  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I looked for a follow thing on yours but didn't see one. I am following your twitter. :)

    I love WW snacks!!!

  2. I like the skinny cow ice cream bars. I don't know how many points they would cost, but they are only 140 calories for the chocolate with vanilla ice cream ones.

    1. I'm not sure how many points they are either. I know I checked at one point and they were more points than the WW ones...but that might not be true under the new points plus program. :) thanks for sharing!