Wednesday, May 23, 2012

back to my story

so about 6 weeks after i started working out i was getting very frustrated because i was losing, but then i was gaining. i felt like i was taking 4 steps forward and then 3 steps backwards! but i was determined not to give up! i did not want to admit larry was right in thinking i wouldn't be able to stick to this. i still had no money to spend on weight loss but i decided to go talk to a friend who was my inspiration. every time i got frustrated i looked to her and said "if Jan can do then so can i!" i don't know how much she had lost by that time but i knew it was significant.

i called Jan and said "help!" she laughed and we scheduled a time for me to go to her house. she has done weight watchers on and off over the years and had success. i knew i needed a better eating plan so she was gracious enough to teach me the weight watchers points program. please note: i did not join weight watchers...but i wish i could have. i just couldn't afford it. i am in no way saying that you shouldn't join though if you are able to!

Jan had some extra "old" books and information that she gladly gave me and she taught me the basic program. my mother in law also had a couple old books that she didn't use any more (i have seen that the old points program books can often be found at Goodwill or 2nd hand book stores too) much to both our surprise Weight Watchers changed their program about 6 months later! but that's beside the point. i called Jan often with points questions...she was a great help to me! if i had the money i would have joined weight watchers online...but i just couldn't afford it. i think that the support you get from joining the program is needed. luckily for me i had support from those around me. i had a great group of people at church who slowly found out i was working to lose weight (often because Jan pointed it out to them. i think she did that to redirect some of the attention off her weight loss....humble Jan!) and that made me feel accountable. i knew they would accept me even if i started to gain the weight back...but it helped me be motivated to keep losing!

i do not know the entire weight watchers program and i have not learned the new program. by the time the new program came out i was feeling successful with the old program and still didn't have the money to invest in the new books or to officially join the program. so i just continue using the old program, and it continues to work for me! i think it's super easy (ok so it takes a little while to get everything figured out, but spend a day calculating the points on the things you normally eat and then it's fast and easy!) and i understand how to make good food choices now better than ever before!

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