Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do you have a favorite recipe?

I have several recipes that I love...but they don't love my weight loss plans. So rather than change what I eat completely I'm working to change those recipes to be more weight-loss friendly by substituting lower fact ingredients!

My mom made casseroles often while I was growing up. A couple of my favorites, and ones that I consider comfort foods, are covered in cheese! YUM! One of the first things I noticed after starting the Weight Watchers points was that to cover a casserole with cheese added those points up fast! I was looking at 1 cup of casserole being half my daily points allowance! That was unacceptable to me. I couldn't spend 1/2 my points on 1 cup of food and I did not want to give up those yummy foods. I found that one of the easiest ways to change that recipe but not the taste was to use a different cheese, but finding a good low fat cheese is harder to do than you would think!

After a lot of looking I found a bag of shredded pizza blend cheese that is yummy and also lower in fat than plain cheddar. This cheese blend includes Mozzarella, Mild Cheddar and Provolone cheeses. I love it! And since it's already shredded that sames me time too! :) Now, you may wonder if it really makes a difference...and the answer is YES! For example, on the old Weight Watcher's Points program the cheese alone to top the casserole was 21 points! Using this shredded cheese instead allows me to cover the entire casserole for only 6 points!! It is still gooey and cheesy and delicious. I also changed the hamburger in the casserole from 80/20 to 95/5. Now I can have a cup of that casserole for only 1/5 of my daily points instead of 1/2 and the taste hasn't changed at all! My kids are picky eaters and not only have they not noticed a difference but they love this casserole too!

This cheese has become "mom's cheese". We still have a regular cheddar cheese block that I will use for cheeseburgers or grilled cheese sandwiches for the family, but I always use the shredded cheese for myself. That way I can still have a cheeseburger or a grilled cheese sandwich with the family, but I don't have to fast the rest of the day to stay within my points!

What are some of the tricks you use?


  1. cHeese is so delish, but crazy fattening. We pretty much never buy cheddar, instead mozzarella. I love mozz, and while it took a while to get used to it on some things, I feel like cheddar is too greasy now. In fact, a lot of times on sandwiches etc we skip it altogether and use more veggies, avocados etc for the flavor

  2. That's why I love this shredded cheese. It's not greasy at all, and you can put a small little bit on your sandwich and have just a taste of the cheese. Granted, without melting it the shredded cheese is a little messier than block cheese on a sandwich, but I think it's so worth the trade off in fat!!!