Tuesday, May 22, 2012

find what works for you!

i have always been told that you should only weigh yourself once a week, do it on the same day of the week, at the same time of day every week...but only once a week. the reason is that your weight varies throughout the day and the week. that's just the way your body processes food. well that doesn't work for me. i know it should, but it doesn't. to help illustrate this point i wanted to give you a little insight to how the first few weeks of my work out went...so here is more from my journal, this is dated 4/6/10:

"so a few weeks ago i broke down and bought a wii and wii fit plus. i have been working out 6 days a week and i'm actually pretty happy with my progress...not that there is a "big" difference yet, but i see progress and that is motivating. it's also helping me recognize what i'm eating that i think are ok choices are not as good as i think. does that make sense? anyhow, i thought i should start writing about it in here. i was really frustrated cuz the first 4 days i gained 4 pounds! grrr that was not cool....but then i started losing it again. there have been a few days that i've gained again but overall i've been losing. darn easter dinner and candy though! i gained 2 pounds back over the weekend! those mashed potatoes and gravy and chocolate were just soooooo good! so now i have to work out a week to undue that weekend of eating. oh well. i did try to be good over the weekend. i ate less than i normally would have! lol that's not saying much is it?"

and then again on 4/7/10:

"i worked out hard last night and it paid off. :) when i weighed in at the beg of my workout it said i was down 0.2 lbs....but then after my workout i had lost another pound! now to just be good today and not gain it back! maybe i can actually meet my goal! i have 0.9 lbs to lose in 1 week now. then i'm back on track ;) "

so i was weighing in at the same time essentially...but i found that for me it was a huge motivation to weigh in every day both before my workout and after my workout! I KNOW, I KNOW! that's not good for you. but it is for me. why? because it has made me more conscious of  what i'm eating and i've learned a lot about how my body handles the food i eat. for example ~ i have learned that my body takes 2-3 days to process rice and pasta. that means that even if i just eat 1 cup of rice or pasta i gain about 1pound...and it takes me about 2-3 days to process and use that food. then "magically" that pound drops off! without me working out any more than i normally do! why is that important? because before i knew that i would have some rice with dinner and then i would weigh in when i started my work out....i would see that extra pound and i would be discouraged! now i know that if i have rice i should expect to see an extra pound or so....but not to worry because when my body processes it that pound will disappear and i'm not actually getting fat. does that make sense?

so people would say "this is why you only weigh in once a week!" but for me if i weighed in on say monday morning and i had rice sunday night i would only see that weight gain, and i never would have made the connection with rice! i only made the connection and learned how i process certain foods because when i saw the increase i immediately started going over what i had eaten in the last 24 hours. if i had tried to think back over a week i personally wouldn't have made the connection.

now i'm not saying that everyone should weigh in once or twice a day! DON'T....or DO! it's whatever works best for you! i have also been told that if you weigh in after you exercise you will weigh more. i don't understand the reasoning behind that, but i have found that if i step on the scale immediately after exercise i do weigh more. so how do i do it? i cool down first! wait until my heart rate is back to a resting rate and then i weigh in. i normally see about .4-1.1 loss. it doesn't matter if it's only .4....to me that is progress and it helps me feel good about what i'm doing and it helps me move forward even on those days that i'm tired or discouraged. if i can see just a little progress then i know i can keep going!

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