Monday, May 21, 2012

so i was 80+ pounds over weight and i felt that i had tried so many diets and exercise programs that had failed that there was little to no hope of me ever being skinny again. in fact, at least 8 years previous to this i had mentioned to a friend of mine that there was no way on earth i could lose the weight. it just would never happen. he assured me i was wrong but i didn't believe him....

in my last post i talked about how a friend had recommended using wii fit plus. the whole reason i talked to that particular friend was because i knew she had previously had a gastric bypass and i was strongly considering it. of course i felt like that was a last resort which is why i was asking her advice...which is why the advice to begin an exercise routine on a wii took me by surprise.

but after thinking about it i decided that i needed to look into getting a wii but i didn't have the money and wasn't sure what to do next. after a lot of thinking and even a lot of praying i looked at our finances again. it occurred to me that we did just barely have the money in savings, however that money was set aside for our children's college education. ok so it didn't amount to much yet, but i was determined that it would some day! so i said no to that option. as those thoughts kept weighing on my mind though i began to think "which would your kids value more? the money for college or you being alive to see them go to college?" 

my oh my is that an eye opening question! i came to the conclusion that we could always earn more money and replace that savings...but if i didn't get control of my weight there was a strong possibility that some day i would have severe health issues that would be irreversible. so i went to my husband and discussed the issue with him. of course he wasn't all that enthusiastic about it at first. i should mention that we had a treadmill we had spent several hundred dollars on about 6 years earlier and it was just sitting in our bedroom. (it was his idea to buy the thing, not mine, but that's besides the point!) was it being used? no, not really. sometimes he would use it. but did i? absolutely not! i didn't want to use it either. so what kind of guarantee was there that if we spent the money on a wii that i would actually use it and lose the weight? i can tell you that defending the decision to use our kids college savings, as little as it was at the time, became a HUGE motivating factor in my weight loss. i did not ever want to look at larry (my husband) and have to admit that spending that money had been a waste!

so i did a bunch more research and finally found a wii console with wii fit plus on ebay at a price i felt ok with paying. i wouldn't say it was a great price, but it was the best i had found for a new system. i took the plunge and bought it....and then questioned my decision every day until it arrived!

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