Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So this is what i got in the mail sometime in march of 2010....and here is a quick little excerpt from my journal about it:

" i have been working out on my wii fit plus! ;) i'm loving it! not only am i enjoying the break for myself (yes exercise has never felt like a break before but the lack of kids and husband around has been great while i work out) but i actually feel like i'm making progress."

it took me a while to find a routine that i really liked and i have changed routines several times. at first i did the obstacle course a lot. when i say a lot i really mean several times a night. i just wasn't satisfied with my score! lol i would also do sit ups and play many other games just for fun. i actually looked forward to that time of night after the kids were in bed, before larry got home from work because it was my play time on the wii!

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