Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving right along

Back to my history....September 15, 2010 I was down 42 pounds! Then I went in for surgery on my hand and I don't mention my weight loss in my diary again until February 21, 2011!  "I've lost 63 pounds in the last year! unfortunately these last 27 are kicking my rear end...but they will come off eventually!" That's what I wrote! Talk about missing a chunk of my story! Little did I know at the time, but my doctor had a few things to say about my plan of losing another 27 pounds....

A couple of days later I went in to see my doctor because I was having some allergy issues. While I was there I talked to her about my weight loss. Here is what I wrote about that conversation: "I told her I was shooting for 120 but she said that due to my age I shouldn't go below 130. She explained that as you get older your body stores your estrogen for menopause in your trunkal fat. (LOVELY!) and that if you don't have enough then your body starts holding onto everything and almost stops your metabolism in order to make sure that it is hanging onto that estrogen. So she said that when I get down about my 130 goal I should be more focused on toning the flabby jiggly parts into muscle. So I guess I'm only 15 pounds from my goal instead of 25! woohoo!!"

Later on when I got closer to that 130 goal I didn't want to stop there. I liked how my body was looking and feeling and I really wanted to hit that 120 point that according to my height I should be. So I followed up with my OBGYN about this idea of your body storing estrogen and needing the extra fat. He agreed with my family doctor. So with 2 doctors telling me the same thing I had to give up that new goal of 120 and go back to my goal of 130. I'm still tempted to go down more...but I'm working to tone instead of lose. We'll see how that goes.

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