Friday, June 22, 2012

Still missing...

So my poor computer is still missing it's hard drive. Actually it does have a hard drive, the hard drive just doesn't want to function properly. We are currently having a new one put in so hopefully in the next few days I will have my computer back.

In the mean time I just wanted to touch base with everyone though. I have been really good this week getting my workouts in, but I have not weighed in. I switched from doing cardio on the Wii this week to doing my "Slim in 6" core and resistance training workout. Normally I just do my weigh in on the Wii Fit Plus but since I haven't been using that workout I haven't bothered to get it out just to weigh in with. I'm feeling good though. :)

The kids have been bugging me with tons of questions this week about why I eat "diet food" instead of what they are eating and why I exercise every day. I don't really eat "diet" food per se. But I tell my kids that my low fat snacks and foods are my diet food so that they will stay out of them. For example: we all love string cheese. But my kids will eat a whole bag of it in a day if I let them. So I have regular string cheese for them, and light string cheese for me. It bugs me when they eat all the light string cheese because then I don't have any that I can eat! So my light string cheese is my "diet cheese" and they have their own package to eat.

We go through these questions periodically with them. I think they just check back in with me to find out if my answers are going to change! LOL Today I stepped away from my workout for just a second and I didn't pause it. My son immediately informed me that I was missing some of my workout and I had better get back to it! What a great motivation they are!

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