Saturday, June 16, 2012

week in review

Monday started off with me being down another pound! Yeah! I have to say that I was a little surprised. Almost 8 months ago our family made a big move for us. We moved 3 hours away from the only town and house my kids remember living in. This prompted a regression in the potty training of my (then) 3 year old daughter. She is now 4 and we have been battling this issue for all these months. So a few weeks ago I made a deal with her that if she could go a full week with no "accidents" we would make cupcakes. She made it! I followed up by extending the challenge to go 2 more weeks and then we would make chocolate chip cookies. Well Sunday was the day we got to make the chocolate chip cookies and although I made them lower fat cookies I still couldn't stay out of them. That is why I was surprised I had actually lost a pound! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I gave in and went to bed at 9pm Sunday night instead of waiting for my husband to get home at midnight! I didn't sleep that whole time, but it did increase my sleep by at least 2 hours that night!

Tuesday I was down another pound! Yes! After having a couple of weeks of going up instead of down this felt wonderful! The day was a busy one though and unfortunately I didn't get enough sleep Tuesday night. Oh well, that's the life of a mom! :)

Just to prove my point of my ups and down with weight during the week the wonderful scale showed a pound gained on Wednesday. Thank goodness for a good workout though! That night was pizza and movie night in our house.

So this was my dinner that night....notice how much more salad there is than pizza? I had to have one slice of pizza or I would have been craving it! My salad had mushrooms, cheese, a few bits of real bacon (about a tablespoon), croutons and fat free ranch dressing. We followed the pizza up with some home air popped butter-free popcorn! It was a yummy night!

Thursday saw all 3 kids with strep throat. That meant that instead of my regular workout inside I took a break from the whiny kids and walked to the store to pick up the new prescriptions. What a great workout that was! Fresh air and silence! Ahhhhhh!

With Friday's weigh in I was up again, but not too much. I had a great workout and watched my points.

Saturday showed another gain. So the total for the week is a gain of 1.5 pounds :( That means more work this coming week to get that weight off again. I have 3 pounds that I battle like this constantly! As of Tuesday I had won the battle and gotten rid of those 3 pounds, but look what has happened immediately afterwards. But I'm not going to let this get me down...I'll just keep working to break past those stubborn 3!

Does anyone else have this problem? Like your body just refuses to let you break that wall?

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