Monday, July 30, 2012


So this morning was the first time I weighed in officially in over a week. To my surprise I found that either the scale at my Mother-in-law's house was wrong....or I have lost the extra 2.5 pounds it said I had gained! Woohoo! So I'm back to fighting that 4 pounds that have slowly found their way back to me! That was really good news this morning! I was all prepared to see that I was up another 2-3 pounds after using her scale last today started better than I expected! It was also the first day I've worked out in a week. Last week was just a mess in my life and like I said before, stress got the better of me! I'm getting back on track this week though, just in time for my husband to have another week off work. That usually means chaos for my eating and working out routine! But I'm going to be strong and stick to my plan! :) Wish me luck!!

I could totally tell this morning though that it had been a week or more since my last work out. I used the Wii Fit Plus routine this morning which consisted of a "bike ride" and a "snow ball fight". Those are two of my favorite ones because while running in place on the balance board in order to move the bike I really get a decent cardio workout. Ok it's not as good as doing aerobics, but it still gets my heart rate up and gets the blood pumping. I just didn't feel like doing a really serious (hard) workout today, not when I'm just getting back in the swing of things. My legs were burning before I was even half way through the course. That is a huge indicator that I haven't worked out in too long! Normally they don't bother me at all.

The snowball fight is always fun because my kids love to watch me get hit by the opposing team! For some reason they think it's hilarious when I get knocked out! I use it as a cool down kind of exercise. It helps me get my mind focused for the day and lets face it, pretending you are in the middle of a snowball fight when it is really 90 degrees outside is a nice break! :)

Saturday we went to a B-B-Q and we brought home some of the left over corn on the cob. Oh was it delicious!! So last night I ate some of it....well ok I'll be honest...I ate a bunch of it! hahaha The cobs were cut in half but I ate the equivalent of 3 full cobs! Oh boy was it good! I don't know what has been wrong with us this summer but that was the fist time we've had corn on the cob this year! After eating all that corn I felt pretty full...and it turns out that full feeling came in handy because while I was sitting and watching the Olympics later in the evening I started craving sweets, particularly ice cream, really bad. But I was still feeling so full from the corn that it wasn't that hard to withstand the temptation out in our freezer! MMMM What a yummy treat it was, and it was healthy! (No I did not lather it in butter which helped me keep it on the healthy side of things.)

Now to figure out what to fix for dinner tonight....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another week has gone by

Well it's been about a week...and computer problems still plague my life. Unfortunately that is not the most urgent or serious problem in my life right now. So what does this have to do with losing weight? Well it means that my most difficult enemy to conquer is attacking at full force right now, STRESS! I know I've shared before that stress has a lovely way of helping me GAIN weight instead of losing it. So yes, I'm pretty sure that when I get home and weigh in I will find I've gained another couple of pounds.

Ok so I can't completely blame the stress. I mean, it is true that the stress is what causes me to make bad food choices, but that's just it. I still have the choice! I have not gone way over board and binged on chocolate, although I would really like to! But I know I have eaten more than I should, and I haven't been drinking enough water. When I get really stressed, or worried I have a tendency to feel hungry all the time. I know my body isn't really hungry all the time, but that's what my brain thinks. Sometimes I can fight it off...but sometimes those thoughts of "who cares today. I just can't handle counting points or watching calories today" win out.

That is what has happened the last couple of days. I feel bad about it, and often I feel like I want to go throw up after eating that extra chicken strip or that brownie. I win that battle though because I know in the long run throwing up will only make matters worse. But on days like these even knowing that I'm going to feel stuffed or bloated doesn't stop me. I need to find a better way to handle those thoughts. Sometimes, maybe 70% of the time, I fight those thoughts away by consciously remembering how hard it has been to lose the weight in the first place. So for the other 30% of the time when that doesn't work I need to find a different strategy. I wish I had the answers to share with all of you. Sometimes just thinking about "letting my blog readers down" will help squash those hunger pains.

It's really hard when I've feeling stressed and there are no good options around me. Like last night. Yesterday turned out to be a really rough day and we weren't able to have dinner at our normal time. 2 hours after our normal dinner time I was still not back at the house and my kids were starving. I totally gave in to the fast food drive thru window. I was strong enough to order a salad instead of a large cheeseburger, mainly because I've found that those fast food cheeseburgers don't kill the hunger pains for long. I always need more! A homemade cheeseburger is much more filling. Anyhow, I ordered a salad but then I looked across the parking lot and saw that there was a Subway and I've been craving Subway for a few weeks now but haven't had the opportunity to get one. So after buying the salad I went and got a sandwich to. I told myself that one would be for lunch today. But neither option was something I could eat easily while driving. So after getting home and getting the sick child squared away and getting the other two kids to bed I found that it was several hours later and I still hadn't eaten! By then I was really hungry and those stress voices were pounding away in my head. I chose to save the sandwich for today so I started eating the salad. I had never had this salad before and it turns out that I don't like it. So I only ate maybe 1/2...then I was still hungry so out came the sandwich! Bad decision! I ate more than I should have...

I try to have good options, but last night's adventure to the doctor was totally unplanned and therefore I was completely unprepared. But it was just the most recent stressful event that has knocked me off track this week. I am determined to get back in control though!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Tips

So Monday night I made a casserole that I love but I rarely make anymore because it's so delicious that I have a hard time eating only one serving. It's something that my kids don't give me a hard time about so I should make it more often. I decided to set myself up for success this time though. So these are the 4 things I did to stay in control and not give in to that yummy temptation:

  1. I drank a glass of water about 30 minutes before dinner. ~ This helps give you a full feeling sooner, and it also helps you make sure to drink more water!
  2. I made and ate a large low fat salad before eating my 1 cup serving of the casserole. ~ Again, the salad helped fill me up. It takes time for you brain to register that you are full and so by eating the salad slowly my brain started to register that full feeling by the time I was finished with my casserole!
  3. As soon as I finished dishing up my serving of casserole I put the left overs away in the fridge so they weren't so easy to get to. ~ Leaving them out on the stove while we finished eating was a huge temptation to just grab one more little spoonful, which of course would lead to another and another!
  4. I drank water throughout the meal. ~ I forced myself to take a drink pretty much between every bite of casserole. That helped slow my eating down too...I have a tendency to eat this cheesy yummy dinner quickly instead of savoring every bite, but making myself drink between bites not only slowed me down but it filled me up!
I have to say that using these tips made a huge difference in my dinner last night! I felt so full by the time I was done eating, but satisfied! It was easy to stay out of the left overs for the rest of the night. I knew they would taste yummy, but I knew I was full and I couldn't deny that!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Out of the loop!

Man I just can't even explain how out of the loop I feel right now! It's been basically 3 weeks since our computer shut down. We thought it was the hard drive, but it wasn't (Thankfully!) Then we thought it was just the port that the hard drive plugs into....relief. Well that relief was short lived! Turns out the port is hardwired into the mother board and therefore we are forced to replace the mother board now! GRRR I am praying that we can get that done this week! I feel so cut off from the world and it's so hard to get things accomplished. You just don't realize how connected to the internet we all are until you have to go out of your way to go to the library and use the computer there! No more quickly looking something up on Google, or checking Facebook!

The hard part with keeping this blog up to date is that I don't have much time on the public computers...which means I don't have much time to go back and read my diary and copy and paste things so that I can continue relating my journey to you. So what I'm trying to do is just tell you how things are going now, and also pass on any tips I may think of!

Right now I'm really struggling because while we were on vacation at the beach my wonderful husband bought a huge bag of salt water taffy. Normally this is not a huge temptation to me. I mean I like it and everything, but I don't crave it. Well right now I find myself somewhat depressed and craving sweets really bad! I know a huge part of that is because I feel isolated and I have all this time on my hands that I usually spend on the computer. I have read so many books over the last few weeks that I'm kind of out of books! Ok not really, there are plenty of books on my bookcase to read, but nothing that has my attention right now! :)

So with all this time on my hands I am constantly fighting the urge to just grab one little taffy. I told my husband last night that those need to be hidden today so that I can't sneak any of them anymore! :) He just laughed at me. Oh well.

What do you do when you are feeling like this?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My tip for today...WATER, Drink lots of it!! :) Especially during the summer when it's so hot outside! At least it's really hot here. Remember that when you are out in the sun you get dehydrated faster than you think and so you need to drink even more water than you normally do!

The rule of thumb that I was taught for figuring out how much water to drink on a daily basis is: 1/2 ouce for every pound you weigh. So if you weigh 120 pounds you should be drinking at least 60 ounces of water a day. That's not too bad...I think that's really easy actually, considering where I started. When I started my journy I weighed do that math....that's 105 ounces per day!

Remember your water!! And have a lovely week!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Always the last to know

Why is it that the last person to notice the change is the one working so hard to achieve the change? That just doesn't seem fair to me! At the beginning of my weight loss journey my husband would compliment me on my progress. I thought he was just being a wonderful supportive husband. Then other people started to notice that I was losing weight. I had kept it quiet that I was working on it because I didn't want people watching me. So when they started commenting I thought someone had started spilling the news and they were just trying to support me. I did not believe that anyone could really see a difference yet because I couldn't see a difference. I saw it on the scale, but not in the mirror and not with how my clothes were fitting.

This came up in a conversation today because the person I was talking to had noticed that someone else was losing weight. They had noticed several weeks ago but the person losing weight was just starting to really recognize it. So I guess all those people weren't just being supportive, they probably did see an actual change even when I didn't.

Because of that phenomenon I say you take every compliment or every question like "have you lost weight?" and you just eat it up! Drink it in and let it reassure you that even though you don't see a change yet, or not a big change yet, that you are making progress and others recognize it!

Along those lines I find it funny that someone told me yesterday that I lost weight while on vacation. It's funny to me because in reality I gained 2 pounds! (Personally I think 2 pounds was just fine considering that I worked out but wasn't really strict on my food!) I think the reason she thought I had lost weight though is because that fat that I'm still carrying around is being redistributed! I told her that I had not lost weight but thank you very much for the compliment! Even though I knew I hadn't actually lost anything it still felt good!

So we are back home and I'm starting to get back in the swing of things, if only I had my computer back! Hopefully tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July at the Beach, and a tip for vacation....

Here's a little idea for vacation...if at all possible plan your meals ahead of time! We are staying at a Condo and there is a kitchen in our room so we are able to prepare our own meals! I know, vacation means not why cook? Well it's a great time to have the hubby bar-b-que and by cooking instead of eating out all the time we not only save money but we eat healthier! It's really not that much work either! We brought a lot of food from home and then picked up a few other things from the local store. We have still had a couple of meals "out" but overall we are cooking and eating at the condo. Personally that helps me to not feel so guilty every time I sit down to eat! I'll admit, I haven't been the best with my food...but better than some might expect while on vacation! :)

I have been working out every morning though. I've been doing the first workout on "Slim in 6". Now some of you who have been following my updates might realize that I should have moved on to the "Ramp it Up" workout, but I planned when I packed for vacation to just continue doing this first workout because "Start it up" is only 30 minutes and "Ramp it up" is an hour. I figured that I would be doing really good if I could get my normal 30 minute workout done on vacation! I am proud of myself for doing it too! It's been tempting to skip it and sleep in, I mean I am on vacation! But I am having a great time and I feel so much less guilty about the peach cobbler and the whipped cream and chocolate that I've eaten!

I wish I had my computer with me and I could show you the beautiful pictures from vacation! Hopefully when I get home I'll have my computer back and I can show you what I've been up to! The other morning after finishing my workout I went on a great walk down the beach with my friend Kristal! We talked and talked, and this was no slow walk either, so I know I got an extra workout! We were gone for about an hour and it felt so good! Monday we drove up to Forks and La Push. We walked all over First Beach! What a beautiful beach! We have had such a great time! There is not much time for getting on the computer obviously. But that just means it's a good vacation!

Anyhow, I hope you all have a great 4th of July and stay safe!