Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Tips

So Monday night I made a casserole that I love but I rarely make anymore because it's so delicious that I have a hard time eating only one serving. It's something that my kids don't give me a hard time about so I should make it more often. I decided to set myself up for success this time though. So these are the 4 things I did to stay in control and not give in to that yummy temptation:

  1. I drank a glass of water about 30 minutes before dinner. ~ This helps give you a full feeling sooner, and it also helps you make sure to drink more water!
  2. I made and ate a large low fat salad before eating my 1 cup serving of the casserole. ~ Again, the salad helped fill me up. It takes time for you brain to register that you are full and so by eating the salad slowly my brain started to register that full feeling by the time I was finished with my casserole!
  3. As soon as I finished dishing up my serving of casserole I put the left overs away in the fridge so they weren't so easy to get to. ~ Leaving them out on the stove while we finished eating was a huge temptation to just grab one more little spoonful, which of course would lead to another and another!
  4. I drank water throughout the meal. ~ I forced myself to take a drink pretty much between every bite of casserole. That helped slow my eating down too...I have a tendency to eat this cheesy yummy dinner quickly instead of savoring every bite, but making myself drink between bites not only slowed me down but it filled me up!
I have to say that using these tips made a huge difference in my dinner last night! I felt so full by the time I was done eating, but satisfied! It was easy to stay out of the left overs for the rest of the night. I knew they would taste yummy, but I knew I was full and I couldn't deny that!

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