Monday, July 30, 2012


So this morning was the first time I weighed in officially in over a week. To my surprise I found that either the scale at my Mother-in-law's house was wrong....or I have lost the extra 2.5 pounds it said I had gained! Woohoo! So I'm back to fighting that 4 pounds that have slowly found their way back to me! That was really good news this morning! I was all prepared to see that I was up another 2-3 pounds after using her scale last today started better than I expected! It was also the first day I've worked out in a week. Last week was just a mess in my life and like I said before, stress got the better of me! I'm getting back on track this week though, just in time for my husband to have another week off work. That usually means chaos for my eating and working out routine! But I'm going to be strong and stick to my plan! :) Wish me luck!!

I could totally tell this morning though that it had been a week or more since my last work out. I used the Wii Fit Plus routine this morning which consisted of a "bike ride" and a "snow ball fight". Those are two of my favorite ones because while running in place on the balance board in order to move the bike I really get a decent cardio workout. Ok it's not as good as doing aerobics, but it still gets my heart rate up and gets the blood pumping. I just didn't feel like doing a really serious (hard) workout today, not when I'm just getting back in the swing of things. My legs were burning before I was even half way through the course. That is a huge indicator that I haven't worked out in too long! Normally they don't bother me at all.

The snowball fight is always fun because my kids love to watch me get hit by the opposing team! For some reason they think it's hilarious when I get knocked out! I use it as a cool down kind of exercise. It helps me get my mind focused for the day and lets face it, pretending you are in the middle of a snowball fight when it is really 90 degrees outside is a nice break! :)

Saturday we went to a B-B-Q and we brought home some of the left over corn on the cob. Oh was it delicious!! So last night I ate some of it....well ok I'll be honest...I ate a bunch of it! hahaha The cobs were cut in half but I ate the equivalent of 3 full cobs! Oh boy was it good! I don't know what has been wrong with us this summer but that was the fist time we've had corn on the cob this year! After eating all that corn I felt pretty full...and it turns out that full feeling came in handy because while I was sitting and watching the Olympics later in the evening I started craving sweets, particularly ice cream, really bad. But I was still feeling so full from the corn that it wasn't that hard to withstand the temptation out in our freezer! MMMM What a yummy treat it was, and it was healthy! (No I did not lather it in butter which helped me keep it on the healthy side of things.)

Now to figure out what to fix for dinner tonight....

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