Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in time...Febrary 2011

So now that I have a computer again and I can access my diary I took a look back. The last time I mentioned anything from my diary it was from September 2010 and I had lost 42 pounds. That was about 6 months into my journey so I was feeling pretty good. A week or so after that entry I had carpal tunnel surgery on my hand and I didn't write much. I know I kept working out but writing about my progress took a back seat to everything else going on in my life. Shortly after that I found myself caught up in the holiday season, and again I didn't write much. So tonight I had to move clear ahead to February 21, 2011 to find this one little nugget of information...."i've lost 63 pounds in the last year! unfortunately these last 27 are kicking my rear end...but they will come off eventually!"

Just 2 days later I actually commented on my weight loss again. I had been talking to my doctor and this is what she said regarding weight loss. "i told her i was shooting for 120 but she said that due to my age i shouldn't go below 130. she explained that as you get older your body stores your estrogen for menopause in your trunkal fat. (LOVELY!) and that if you don't have enough then your body starts holding onto everything and almost stops your metabolism in order to make sure that it is hanging onto that estrogen. so she said that when i get down about my 130 goal i should be more focused on toning the flabby jiggly parts into muscle. so i guess i'm only 15 pounds from my goal instead of 25! woohoo!"

I think I may have already shared that, but since I am at that point in my diary I thought I would share it again. I think this is one of the reasons you always hear that you should consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program. Of course there are other medical concerns to think about but I had no idea that I could be sabotaging myself by going to my original goal weight. Can you imagine how frustrating it would have been to lose all that weight and then hit menopause and start gaining the weight back? According to what I've been told by the doctors it would have been almost impossible to stay at my goal weight.

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  1. Interesting post, Rachelle. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog via Diane Carbonell. First, you look amazing! Second, I am just now at the point where I have lost 42 lbs. I have another 30 to go, but that would still put me at 140 lbs. I asked my nutritionist about the 100 lbs at 5' and 5 lbs for every inch. She said that while height and weight charts do use that measurement scale, it would be virtually impossible for me to maintain 120 lbs at 43. Phew! I'm glad I don't have another 40 to go! LOL