Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving forward in my story

My journal entry from March 3, 2011 starts out with this: "my weight loss is stuck in a vicious cycle. i lose a couple of pounds, then i find them again. lose 3 pounds find 2, lose 2 pounds find 3...i've been battling this same five pounds since before christmas and i'm ticked! i got down a pound below that line i was stuck at and thought maybe i had broken the cycle...but no! i'm still stuck! i'm really needing to do something to get past this hump. my dr told me i need to shoot for just 15 more pounds then work on toning...i would prefer 25 more pounds but i'll listen to the dr...besides, at this rate i'm not even going to get those 15 off before summer!!!!! grrrr"

I couldn't even call this a plateau because I would lose .5 pounds and then gain .8 pounds. Or lose 1.5 pounds and gain .6 pounds back. I decided that I was on a road with lots of rolling hills! So sometime around March or April of 2011 I got so frustrated with these rolling hills that I talked to a friend of mine. She is a Beachbody coach. I asked her what to do to get off that ride and finally get back to a steady weight loss. She suggested that I start the "Slim in 6" workout. So I did. This is when I discovered how very valuable changing your routine is. Now I change it up often. Every time I feel like I'm stuck again I switch routines.

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  1. Good idea to change things up to break that frustrating plateau!