Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Setting yourself up for success!

Lately the topic of self sabotage has been common in my conversations. A little over a week ago I wrote about it here and read a blog about it here. I have also had some conversations in real life with people about this. So what do you do to set yourself up for success instead of sabotaging yourself?

Prepare Ahead Of Time!

So now the question is "How do I do that?" Well here are a few of my ideas:

Pretend that you are going to a gathering where refreshments are going to be served. You know there are going to be some really tempting sugary sweet things just waiting for your attention. Your mouth starts watering just thinking about it. Well my first thought has always been to skip eating most of the day so that I can really enjoy the yumminess later on! That has even been a temptation after starting Weight Watchers points. I thought, I'll just save up my points for that treat and then I'll still be ok on points and I'll also be able to enjoy dessert. Sometimes that may work. Actually I still do it sometimes, although I have learned that I usually end up over-indulging and eating more than I normally would have! So if I want to save up points for something fun in the evening I still eat during the day, but I eat healthier choices. I will eat things like apples because they are filling but low in fat and calories. If I get to that social event with all the desserts and I feel like I've been depriving myself all day long then I am going to feel entitled to make the most of those yummy desserts and sample some of everything! That is self sabotaging! If I eat healthy filling foods all day so that when I get there I have room for some dessert but I don't feel starving and like I've deprived myself all day then I am more likely to be satisfied with that one small piece of cake or brownie.

Ok, now pretend that it's a Bar-B-Que that you are headed for. Yummy cheeseburgers, maybe some ribs, etc. The best way for me to be successful is to prepare by eating before I leave. Now you may think that will mean I eat more...but that's not the case. Remember that it takes like 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that you are full. So if I have a salad 20-30 minutes before the dinner then by the time I get there my brain is in line with my stomach and it's much easier to make wise choices there. I find it easier to have a small pile of chips with my ribs or cheeseburger rather than loading my plate with them, and it's easier to keep from going back for seconds or thirds! Does that make sense to you? If it does then you are at a level of understanding that it took me a long time to get to! Congratulations!

Next, pretend that you have a great friend who is having a hard time and she is coming over to "vent". When she arrives at your house she has a shopping bag full of stuff...stuff like ice cream, chips, and cookies! All the makings of an emotional eating frenzy! So what do you do? This is something that was unexpected. You haven't been able to adjust your eating for the day to allow for this kind of indulgence, and boy do those cookies look delicious! How can you be prepared for this? I say it's easy. I keep my house stocked with lower fat options. When she pulls out those cookies or ice cream or chips, I have my own to pull out. Is this ideal? Probably not, I still have points to count and I still may go over my daily allowance a little, but it's going to be far less than if I wasn't prepared with my own lower fat options! Because honestly, if you have a friend sitting there eating ice cream or cookies or something that you love, and you have nothing to substitute with are you going to just not eat? Probably not! You'll probably be like and think "I'll just have one little cookie" and you know as well as I do that unless you are super-human you are not going to stop with just one cookie! Especially not in that situation!

These are some of my favorite goodies to keep on hand!! It all comes down to preparation! Just because I have all these goodies in my house at pretty much any given time doesn't mean I get to eat them all every day though.

I would say that the most important way I prepare is to allow myself some yummy treat just about every day. One little Fiber One brownie, or one WW smoothie bar, (I really like the WW Fudge bars too!). If I am allowing myself a treat every day or two then I don't feel deprived. That helps me be prepared to fight the temptations that will ultimately sabotage my weight loss goals.

What do you do?

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