Monday, August 6, 2012


I can't believe it's been a whole week already! Good news though, a new computer has been ordered and it is currently on it's way to me! It should be arriving in the next couple of days and that will make updating here much, much easier! :)

This week I worked on stocking my freezer with things to make it easier to stick with my eating plan. Last year we had a garden that was abundant with Zucchini. Everyone that I know who grows zucchini always has more than they know what to do with and is always challenged with giving it away or finding new recipes to use it in! So I started putting mine in pancakes. I grate it up fine and put it in the batter with a few chocolate chips and no one even notices it's in there! :) Actually I tell them it's in there, but you can't taste it so no one cares. What does this have to do with stocking my freezer? Well I had more than I could use at one time so I filled baggies with zucchini and stuck them in the freezer. Then I had bags to pull out during the winter to use. That's what I did again this week...although I could use more. I don't have a garden this year since we have moved to a new city and are currently living in a rental house waiting to buy our own place next spring. So I went to the farmers market and bought a few zucchini. I know, I actually paid for it when there are probably people wishing they could get rid of all their extra. But I don't know of anyone in that situation at this moment, so I bought some. I got 4 quart bags of grated zucchini! :) I'm so excited!

The other thing I did was to make some Banana bread muffins. What you say? Well, normally we have dinner around 5pm and put the kids to bed a couple of hours later. My husband and I don't normally get to bed until around midnight. So around 8:30 or 9 pm my stomach is growling again! So I get a snack, but to stick with my weight loss goals I need to have good snacks ready to grab and eat!

Since I know this I try to save about 1/5 of my daily points (the old Weight Watchers Points plan) for that night time snack. One of my favorite snacks for when my stomach is really growling is banana bread! But a normal slice of banana bread can take that whole allotment of snack points. That is unacceptable for me. So I made banana bread and cut the points in half! I'm sure most of you have learned that you can use applesauce in place of oil in order to cut down the fat, which is what I did. But I went a step further. The recipe called for 1/2 Cup of oil, but instead of using just 1/2 C of applesauce I put a full cup in. Then I added an extra banana and doubled the baking soda. I started adding the extra baking soda because I was told that it helps the muffins rise more. I didn't know that because I'm not a baker, but it works! I have also found that muffins are easier for snacks than a loaf of bread, so I bake mine in muffin cups.

With these changes my recipe makes 24 decent sized muffins. They are not huge, like Costco muffins, but they are still a good size I think. And most importantly it cut the points per muffin in half! That is a great snack at night! So after cooling the muffins a little I set each one in the freezer seperately and once they were frozen I put them all in a big bag and left them in the freezer. Now when I want one I just zap it in the microwave to heat it up a little, sit down and enjoy!

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