Saturday, September 29, 2012


What are the common excuses you use to skip exercise?

My top excuses when I exercise at night are:
  1. I'm too tired! 
  2. I've worked hard all day (cleaning house, chasing kids, whatever) and I just don't have the energy tonight.
  3. It's too late! I should have exercised an hour or two ago. If I start my workout now I wont be able to get to sleep!
  4. I just want to sit down and relax!
  5. My husband is home and I want to spend some time with him.
  6. So-and-so (usually one of the kids) has some event tonight that we need to go to.
  7. I just finished dinner because we've been running behind schedule all day and I can't exercise on such a full stomach.
  8. I'm emotionally worn out. The kids were terrors today and I just can't even think about working out.
My top excuses when I exercise first thing in the morning:
  1. I'm too tired! I was up with one or more of the kids too much last night and I just need a little more sleep.
  2. I have to be somewhere really early this morning and I don't have time to get it done. (This is only valid if I haven't set my alarm to get up earlier to compensate for the appointment, or if I already used excuse number 1 to stay in bed past the earlier alarm time)

Yep! That's it!  I can come up with so many more excuses in the evening, and the problem is that all these excuses are usually valid reasons. But they are still excuses. Overcoming the temptation to use those excuses is a constant battle in my head.

What are your excuses?

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