Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Follow up on Last Week's Tip

So last week after my Tips post my sister informed me that you can use "unsweetened apple or white grape juice instead of syrup." That had me intrigued. I bought a box of apples to make applesauce out of, but  I only needed 1/2 box for applesauce so I took the other 1/2 box and juiced it. I got about 29 cups of juice. Yesterday I canned my peaches and my pears. I had exactly enough juice and didn't have to make any light syrup to preserve my peaches and pears! They are pretty too. 

Ok, so I used Gala Apples and because they are a red apple the juice was a reddish/brown. Then I had Oh Henry Peaches, which have some red meat in them so my jars are not a golden color like I've always had in the past, they are more of an orange/red color, but I think they are still pretty! :) 

The 3 on the top right are peaches, the others are the pears. In total I got 10 quarts of peaches and 11 quarts of pears! The apple juice is so mild that the main "flavor" is just a light sweet real apple taste to speak of and not a syrup-y taste either. I would not use this juice as a regular apple juice to drink because it is so mild, but I think it's going to be perfect for this canning project! And there is no sugar added! :) The other great thing about using the apple juice is all the money I saved by not using all that sugar! If I had white grape juice on hand I would have tried some in grape juice too....but I only had apple. I'll have to update you when I open the first bottle!

Have any of you ever tried anything like this before?

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  1. I've never canned anything! I had always wondered if it was possible to cut the sugar in homecanned foods and now I know!