Friday, September 7, 2012

Lesson Learned...AGAIN

So what does a week of Pizza +  more Pizza + Rice Krispy Treats + another Pizza + Cheesy Bread + Cookie Dough + NO EXERCISE = ??


Yep, that's what I learned again when I weighed in yesterday Not just a little weight either...nope. It's my largest weight gain since I originally hit my goal. Although eating it was yummy (ok the second night of pizza in a row did not affect my body well at all! I paid for that night for 2 days!) it was not the smartest way to celebrate reaching my goal weight again.

In all fairness though I should point out that's not why I was eating that in the first place. The rice krispy treats were a celebration for my husband's birthday. The extra pizza was a result of being out of town and arriving at our destination after our normal dinner time. The cheesy bread and cookie dough were a direct result of being depressed. Yes I am an emotional eater and they got the better of me. The lack of exercise can only be explained, note I said explained not excused, by lack of planning. I was busy and I just didn't feel like exercising. I should have because that probably would have helped with the depression I was feeling. But the simple fact is that I didn't want to get out of bed and exercise. And when I was out of bed I still didn't want to exercise. Bad me.

Lesson learned. I will not procrastinate exercising and I will not give in to the sly inner voice trying to get me  to eat my cares away. I know that eating this way will only bring me long term unhappiness...even if I ignore that knowledge some times. So back to the exercise and eating healthy plan.

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