Friday, September 28, 2012

New attitude -- It's not just hype that you hear!

A few years ago the thought of exercising every day was not an appealing thought to me. Truthfully it still isn't at the top of my list of things I like to do. I would still prefer to sleep in every day. My children make that an impossibility though. :)

I have noticed a change in my attitude though over the last couple of years. I would say that it took a few months for me to notice it, and since then it has just gotten stronger and stronger. What is this change you may ask? Well I have found that my day goes better and I am more productive when I start my day off with exercise. I remember hearing people say that all the time and I would think "sure...of course you get more done during the day, you get up earlier! If I got up as early as you do then I would get more done too."

When I started my weight loss journey I exercised at night, after the kids were in bed and before my husband got home from work/school. I really enjoyed that time of the day at first. But I quickly found that I would be extra careful all day long about what I ate so that when I weighed in that evening I would see a change, and a positive change not a weight gain! This is when I discovered that certain foods weigh more in my stomach than others! LOL Seriously though, I did find that my body holds on to rice and pasta far longer than I thought. I started limited my rice and pasta intake (something that I still catch myself doing at times) because I didn't want that extra little weight to show on my weigh in. I knew that wasn't really "fair" to myself since those foods aren't bad for me, they just stick around longer! It made dinner choices very limited and my kids started to forget that they really do like rice and pasta. That created another problem for me because on the nights that I did make rice or pasta I had to convince my kids to eat their dinner and that usually became a difficult thing to do.

So when Jan mentioned to me that she weighs in first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything at all I decided to change my routine. I started getting up in the morning and doing my weigh in and then working out. Not only did I find that I could comfortably eat those yummy rice and pasta dishes again, but I really do get more accomplished during the day! I have more energy during the day too!

My kids have always been early risers, much to my dismay. When I switched to morning workouts I didn't need to get up any earlier, I just worked out instead of laying on the couch supervising my kids until a more "reasonable hour".

By the time I am done exercising my mind is wide awake and I'm feeling motivated to get things done! My kids are now old enough that I am comfortable letting them get up about an hour or so before I do, so occasionally I stay in bed a little later than normal. There is a benefit to doing that occasionally because I am naturally a night owl instead of a morning person. Having that extra hour in bed occasionally is just heaven in my opinion! So yesterday was one of those days.

I mentioned to my husband after I got up that I was going to have a difficult time fitting my exercise in because of the canning that needed to be done today and the fact that I was already running late. His response is always that I could just do it later in the day, after the other work is done or after the kids are asleep, like I used to do it. I am just not able to do that any more. If I don't exercise in the morning then it isn't going to happen that day. Not only do I feel better about myself, and I'm more motivated to get things done, but if I wait until the end of the day it is so very easy to come up with more excuses to skip my exercise! Today I didn't get up any later than normal but I just didn't feel like I had gotten quality sleep. I was very tired and tempted to skip my workout. I wrote part of the post last night before going to bed and so when I was tempted to skip my exercise this morning my own words came back to haunt me! I decided that since I was so tired and I had been slow in getting the kids dressed and ready for school this morning I would do an abbreviated workout instead of my normal one. I chose to do the Slim & 6 Pack today because it's a short, but intense, 15 minute ab workout. I do feel better about the day already since I made that decision and although it was a shorter workout my abs still feel like I worked hard! :)

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