Thursday, October 4, 2012

Burying Your Temptations

Recently I was reading an article about temptations and changing your behavior. This article was not written about weight loss or about addiction or anything like that, but as I read I immediately had the realization that it can be applied to any area of your life. The author is speaking of a people who were blood-thirsty and continually at war. They had a change of heart and wanted to change their lives and become a peaceful, loving people. We (the readers) are told that they buried their weapons of war deep in the earth and vowed they would never go to war again, not even to defend their own lives. What a huge change that would be! That in itself sounds overwhelming to me, but the author goes on to say: 

"In other words, they took away their temptation and placed it where it could not get to them."

That line right there is what grabbed my attention. In fact, I haven't even finished the article yet! I felt like I had to come share this right this moment! What are my temptations? Are they still within my reach so that at a weak moment I can grab them and return to my old ways? Or have I buried them deep in the earth where I cannot reach them so that even when I do feel weak I cannot return to those bad habits?

One of my big temptations has been ice cream. My husband and I used to have a bowl of ice cream (and these were not small bowls) just about every night after the kids were asleep. I found the only way I could avoid that temptation was to not buy ice cream, for a long time! I buried that temptation in the store, so to say! Same with brownies, donuts, candy bars, etc.

I collect M&M dispensers and almost always there is a bag of M&M's that come with the dispenser...those are a huge temptation. If I am feeling strong when that bag shows up in my home I can "bury" it in a drawer or the back of a cupboard. Often I forget about it and then I am not tempted to get it in a weak moment. But if that bag sits on the cupboard within reach I find those weak moments come more often.

This idea can be transferred to absolutely anything in your life that tempts you to make unhealthy decisions. If you are trying to save money you can bury your credit cards or your debit card. Bury whatever temptation it is that causes you to over-spend.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Great concept. Although many people can conquer their temptations, oftentimes the best way is to just not have to deal with it.

    1. I think that burying your temptations can be a way of conquering them. I think you have to be pretty strong to bury them in the first place, and then to not dig them up again shows that you've conquered them. At least that's how it is for me. I buried my cookie and ice cream temptation by not allowing in them in my home for a very long time. I found that the next time that temptation was in reach I had conquered it, meaning that I could confidently allow myself one cookie or one scoop of ice cream instead of pigging out on them! :) I guess they are still temptations, but I am in control. Does that make sense or did I just talk around in circles? Well, it makes sense to me! :)