Thursday, October 18, 2012

Congested? Exercising?

So this past week has been busy and...well "blah"! I just haven't been inspired by much this week. I have really struggled with getting my workouts done. I would like to say it's because I haven't been feeling well, but the truth is that when my allergies kick in, like they have been over the last couple of weeks, one of the best things I can do is workout! I don't know exactly what it is about all that exercise but it really helps clear my sinus passages and my chest out. It's not that enjoyable to be working out while stuffy and congested, but when I finish and after I take a nice hot shower I do feel least until that night! Of course it all starts all over again every night, but at least I can manage during the day better.

I thought that it might just be the hot steam from my shower, but that's not the case. I have skipped the workout and just taken a good long hot shower and it's just not the same! I know conventional wisdom says to just rest and take it easy when you aren't feeling well. Heck, that's what I tell my kids to do! I discourage them from running while they are congested like this. Talk about a double standard! I realized this yesterday while talking to my son's kindergarten teacher. She has the same nasty stuff that we have had. I guess maybe it's not just allergies, it seems to be going around. Anyhow I kept Joe home from school on Monday and Tuesday because he was running a fever. But yesterday was his very first field trip ever...and they were going to the fire station. I knew he really wanted to go and I just couldn't make him miss that. Besides, his fever was gone. So anyhow, I called and talked to his teacher about it (because they were walking to the fire station and I was concerned about him walking the 2 1/2 blocks in the cold air). I wanted to assure her ahead of time that his fever was gone and although his voice was also gone I was pretty sure he was no longer contagious. She told me that she was having the same issues without the fever and that all the kids in the class were coughing and losing their voices. continue this long story....while we were talking I mentioned that I had instructed him not to be running around on recess...just take it easy. He of course informed me that he must run on recess because it is the only way to get somewhere fast! She laughed at that and told me that she still runs when she feels like this and she and her husband disagree about the wisdom in that decision. He tells her to take it easy just like I tell my kids! She said she still runs though because she feels better afterward.

So that conversation got me thinking...she I be encouraging my kids to exercise when they are congested like I try to do? Or is my first instinct of having them take it easy the correct response for kids? I told Joe not to run because I didn't want him to start coughing really hard at school and have to come home...but would he get better faster if he was doing more running. It seems to break up the congestion in my chest when I exercise. Tracey (Joe's teacher) said that is what it does for her too. So should we be encouraging more exercise? Are we actually prolonging the illness by trying to keep our kids down until they "get over being sick"? I'm not talking about the stomach flu or anything like that. If they are running a fever or throwing up I still believe they should be in bed, and so should I when I feel like that. But when we are talking about a cold or congestion? Hmmmmm makes me wonder.

What do you think?

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