Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My current favorite dessert/snack!

So the other day my mom and sister called and wanted some ideas on a quick, low weight watchers points, treat. They have not found a store in their area that sells the yummy weight watchers ice cream treats or snack cakes so they wanted to know if I had any recipes for something. My suggestions weren't satisfying my sister's craving so she asked me how many points a Blizzard from Dairy Queen would be. After telling her the lowest point one was a small banana split blizzard and it was still 10 points (the old WW points, not points plus) she knew that was out of the question. I gave them some other ideas but the best suggestion I could offer was to check out Snack Girl's blog. It is great! I absolutely love all the recipes that I'm finding there! One of the best things about the recipes she shares is that she lists the nutritional info at the bottom of the recipe and the WW Points Plus values. Since I use the old Points program and not the Points Plus, the nutritional information is perfect because it contains all the information I need to calculate the Points for my program!

This is where my current favorite dessert was found...the Mini Apple Crisp. I have made it two nights in a row and I love it! I had forgotten how much I loved baked apples as an after school snack when I was growing up. I remember that one year I think my mom made me baked apples just about every afternoon after school for the entire year! At school that year (I don't remember which grade I was in, but it was in elementary school) we had to bring a recipe to school and demonstrate how to make it. I think the recipe I took was actually a brownie recipe, but someone else did the baked apples and I was excited that someone else loved them too! Anyhow, This is a little more work than the baked apples I grew up with, but it is so delicious! The house has been chilly at night for the last couple of nights (I'm holding off the heaters as long as I can) so this apple treat has hit the spot with it's sweet warm yumminess!

The baked apples my mom made would be a great option too. Here's how to make those:

1 apple
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Cut an apple in half, core it, and place in a baking dish. I cut mine in half and then sliced in half again so the pieces were thinner. Mix brown sugar and cinnamon together in small dish then sprinkle over the apple. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. My mom used to put a little butter in hole where the core was, just to help melt the brown sugar. I didn't do that and it melted just fine.

I just made these this morning so I could include the pictures...and my silly children would not eat them! I don't know what is wrong with my kids, I had to put them in the fridge before I ate them all myself. I am going to save them for tonight and then warm them back up. I put some fat free whipped cream over my apple crisp and oh boy! :) Hope you enjoy!!

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