Monday, November 5, 2012

Busy week with Halloween

I didn't think last week was going to be any different than the week before, even with Halloween. Boy was I wrong! I'm glad I got the week off to a good start with my exercise and eating because by Thursday I was holding on for dear life! The changes that are taking place are messing with my daily schedule and it's going to take a few weeks to nail down a new routine. Everything is good, these are good changes, but my routine is all out of whack! I'm so sorry I never got a post written last week...the before mentioned changes are to blame.

So I'm trying out one new possible routine today. So far it's going pretty good. I was able to get up a little early today and get a short workout in before getting breakfast ready. I did the Slim & 6 pack routine this morning and although I like it, my abs hate it! :) It's all good though.

I've done better than I expected with all the Halloween candy laying around my house. It is contained in my kids' trick or treat bags in one location and they receive about 3 pieces a night after dinner, IF they have eaten all their dinner. At this rate they will still be eating Halloween candy this summer. I have heard some people say that it is better to let them eat all of it quickly so that you can get it out of your house, but I don't like them on that big of a sugar rush. Actually the main reason I don't allow that is because that is not a habit I want them to get into at this age. I would rather they learn right now to be selective and limit their intake of candy. Honestly, there have been one or two nights when I've completely forgotten to give them any at all and they didn't even ask. They know that it is a big treat to get candy, and that even once they have the candy they have to do something to "earn" the right to eat that candy. I really wouldn't even feel bad throwing it all in the garbage can, as long as I don't think about the money associated with all that candy. They received so much of it this year too! I can't believe how much they have! I think they each have about 5-8 pounds of candy! It's insane!

How are you handling your post Halloween candy?

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