Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful and safe time! I cannot believe it's already Christmas Eve. All of last week is kind of a blur. I am visiting my family for Christmas and having a great time! But it seems like time speeds up when you are having fun, so the days are flying by. 

Saturday morning two of my sisters and I did a "Biggest Looser" workout video. That was fun. I had never tried one of those workouts before and although I still prefer the Slim in 6 it was fun to change it up a little. Not to mention working out with my sisters instead of alone! We are all at different levels which just goes to remind me (and them) that all you can do is your best and just keep working! After we did the weight training workout we still wanted a bit of we turned on the XBox and did Just Dance. I do not have an XBox and I have never played this lovely game before. I can promise that we did get quite a cardio workout in! My sisters who are 11 and 16 years younger than me had fun trying to find songs that I knew. They were amazed at how many songs they thought were "old" were still after my high school years! I guess that kind of dates me doesn't it? Hmmmmm. Oh well. The point is that we were working out and having fun together.

I always take Sundays off from working out. So last night I told the family that I would be working out at 7am today. No one was thrilled or even willing to get up that early to work out while on vacation. So when I woke up at 5:15 and still wasn't back to sleep by 6 I just decided to give up on sleep and get a jump start on my workout. Since I was working out alone this morning I went back to my Slim in 6 Start it Up routine. It's been a while since I've done that one and I could tell. My heart was pumping hard not long into the routine! I feel good though. I'm more motivated and determined to get my workouts in. I just feel so much better when I start my day off with a good workout. That's not always easy to remember, but it's true.

So I'm off to shower and get dressed for the day. We are getting family pictures taken by my fantastic brother this morning and then we are taking the kids sledding. That will be another workout in and of itself! :) But it will be fun!

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