Saturday, December 8, 2012

Getting Back on the Wagon

So I was reading Monday Morning Restarts by Diane the other day and it got me thinking. The post is about waiting to restart your diet on Monday as apposed to starting any day of the week. Once upon a time this was something that I did too...but now it's not a matter of restarting my diet, it's a matter of restarting my exercise! I often find that during the week I fall off the exercise wagon due to my schedule. It's not a great reason, it's definitely an excuse! I just haven't gotten a good schedule for exercising right now.

I have found from experience that I do better when I exercise in the morning, before breakfast. That way I exercise, shower and fix breakfast. Ok sometimes I eat breakfast and then shower, but either way the exercise is still first! Right now I get to bed so late and have to be up so early that I find it easy to choose to stay in bed a little longer. That extra hour of sleep is so needed...even that extra 30 minutes of sleep!

Solution number 1: I could start working out at night instead of in the morning. That would be an easy fix. But by the time I get the kids to bed at night I have no motivation at all to exercise! I am so tired and usually have such a headache that exercise is the farthest thing from my mind. Yes that is an excuse and I know it.

Solution number 2: Go to bed earlier! Yes that is by far the best solution and you would think it would be an easy fix too. I am a night owl and at this point in time my husband works 3 swing shifts which means he gets home between 10:45-11:15pm on those nights. I should be in bed by 10 really, but no matter how many times I tell myself I'm going to be in bed by 10 it never happens.

So in reality I go to bed around midnight and usually have to get up once or twice a night with one or more of my kids. Breakfast and getting kids ready for school must start by 7, which means I need to be up by 6 to get my exercise and shower done. I remember the days when that wouldn't have been a problem but for some reason I cannot seem to drag myself out of bed at 6 anymore! I blame getting older, and obviously a bad attitude about the time! On Mondays school starts one hour later so I am pretty good at getting my regular exercise in on Mondays, but every other day is a struggle. I know I will feel better if I force myself to get up and get moving, and the days that I do force myself out of bed and into my workout I'm not nearly as tired as the days that I choose the extra sleep. But at that hour of the morning I often find myself saying "Tomorrow. I'll get up tomorrow". Or, "It's already Thursday, I'll just start over on Monday!"

With the colder weather I find it even harder to get up and get going. I need to take Diane's advice to restart any time, including any time of the day, instead of waiting til Monday morning!

Do you do this too?  Or is your mind stronger than your body?

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