Friday, December 14, 2012

This week is over?

Oh my! This week has been a whirlwind! It always gets this way just before Christmas though and I don't like it! I try every year to get things done early so that I'm not crazy right before hand, but it never works out that way. The sweets have already begun to sneak into my house, despite my determination to hold them off! I stepped on the scale this morning and found a nice 2 pound gain just waiting to great me. Yeah! Whatever! Then when my husband took the last child Christmas shopping tonight they returned with a yummy dessert. I told him he was not being very supportive because he has been the source for the sweets entering my home and now I have gained 2 pounds. He just kind of laughed and said expected me to gain a little weight and I should expect it too since it's the holidays!

Ok, so he kind of has a point. But I am trying to keep that weight gain under 5 pounds and being up 2 pounds a week and half before Christmas is not a good start! I did get 3 workouts in this week...which I'm honestly surprised about. So I informed my hubby that I WILL be working out every day while we are on Christmas vacation! hahaha I have got to get my self discipline back in shape!! :)

How are you doing?

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