Thursday, January 3, 2013

Being Stubborn

I have been told that I'm very stubborn. It's true, I admit it. Sometimes being stubborn is a good thing, sometimes it's not. It all depends one what you are being stubborn about, and why. For example, this morning I was really struggling with getting out of bed and exercising. I just did not want to get up! Sleep sounded so good that the thought of crawling out of bed had me hitting my snooze button more than once. I didn't want to get up and exercise yesterday either because I had been up with kids a lot during the night and I was tired. But I knew that exercise would make my day go better and I reminded myself of my goal. This morning was different. I had not been up most of the night, in fact I had slept really good. My bedroom wasn't even freezing cold like it was last winter. I had no "good" reason to want to stay in bed and sleep longer except that it felt so good! I told myself that I would take today off, that exercising 3 days a week is enough and so if I worked out tomorrow I'd be on track still. I even had a moment of motivation where I got up and headed to the closet to get dressed...then I looked back at my bed all warm and comfy, and my husband still sleeping...and I made a conscious decision to climb back in bed and enjoy the warmth and the silent house. So I did.

But then my brain woke up a little more and reminded me that I was supposed to be working out and that if I didn't get a move on I wouldn't have time for any workout at all! I decided I had just enough time to do my ab workout, Slim in 6; Slim & 6 Pack. At this point my stubbornness kicked in. At first it kicked in on the wrong side though! I kept thinking: "I will do it tomorrow! It's warm, I'm tired, I'm resting today!" Have you ever had those thoughts? They seem rational, even right...but that was the little devil sitting on my shoulder!

Luckily for me my little angel chimed in and said: "you are just being stubborn. You are a very stubborn person when you set your mind to it and you can decide what to be stubborn about!" If I had been in a cartoon you would have seen the light bulb turn on over my head at that point. Hahahaha I decided to be stubborn about not skipping my workout instead of being stubborn about staying in bed. I didn't waste a minute either! As soon as I decided I was too stubborn to skip I got out of bed, turned on the dvd and got dressed while I waited for the menu to come up. I did my ab workout much to the dismay of my abs I may add, but I did feel good afterward. :)

So what are you being stubborn about? Are you on the right side of the argument or do you need to change your stance and put that stubborn streak to better use?

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