Monday, January 21, 2013

Diet vs Life Style

My future is bright and clear like this picture! Let me tell you why...

Recently I heard someone say that they think "Weight Watchers is a great program (but I) think it’s not really a life long program". This statement really bothered me. First let me remind you that I am not and have never been a member of Weight Watchers. I do however follow the old Points program. When I called my friend and asked her to teach me the Points program (she has been a Weight Watchers member and has successfully lost more than 100 pounds on this program) I knew this was not a diet. I absolutely knew this was going to be my new way of life. There would be no end to this program for me unless I had given up my goal of losing weight. For me this is a "life long program" and I don't see any reason that it can't be a life long program for anyone. The program is not hard to follow.

Truthfully I think if you approach any weight loss program as a "diet" and not a life style change you are not going to be successful in the long run. In my opinion you have to change more than just the kind, or amount, of food you put in your body. I have been intrigued about what this "new Weight Watchers 360 program" is and since I'm not a member of Weight Watchers I went to the website to find out. I found this statement by the CEO of Weight Watchers, Dave Kirchhoff, which said "something changed the last time I lost weight on Weight Watchers. For the first time, I started to change my lifestyle in a much more fundamental way. I stopped treating Weight Watchers like a diet and started using it as a path to a new way of living. I finally took charge." To read the rest of his article you can go here.

This just expresses my feelings so well! It is reality for me. I will always count points, every day for the rest of my life. I will always exercise 4-6 times a week. I know without any doubt that if I stop counting points and stop exercising I will gain the weight back. Most likely I will gain more weight than I lost and where does that leave me? Worse off than where I started! I have taken "days off" and yes I have gained weight, so I know this is true!

This is not a life sentence though! There is no reason to be negative about sticking with a program for the rest of my life. This program gives me the tools I need to have the life I want. This life style change is a good thing. A very good thing for me! So this program will be my life, forever. Unless a better program comes along you can check in on me in 30 years and I will still be counting points and exercising. I am confident that the longer I work this program the easier it will be to stick with. I've found that is already true.

This is now just part of my every day life. I not only accept it, but I embrace it! There is an incredible amount of power that comes with making the decision that this is a new and positive life style, one that you can be excited about. No matter what weight loss program you choose, embrace it! Some people may be able to simply diet once in a while and still maintain a healthy body weight. If you are one of those people then congratulations! But if you are like me and you need a real life style change, then take it as such!  

Accept it! Embrace it! Be positive about it!

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