Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day

Boy this last week has been busy! Isn't that the way this time of year always is though? It seems to start right before Halloween and doesn't slow down until the middle or end of January! At least that's how it is for me. I had planned to "take Christmas down" today, but I am not feeling very energetic and motivated for all that work. So instead I am sitting on my bed typing this and watching "Camelot"! I love the movie musical. My husband was searching the guide on tv last night for movies to watch today and since he loves history and older movies he chose to record this one. I don't think he realizes it is a musical. Hahahaha. The joke is going to be on him because he inadvertently recorded one of my favorites that I don't own, so he must watch it with me later! hahaha It's recording right now. So here I am sitting on my bed with a big grin on my face, watching this wonderful movie. Oh how I love good musicals! Sometimes I wish I lived in New York so I could go see Broadway shows! But then again that would be a totally different life so I think I'll stay where I am, for now anyhow!

Tomorrow I return to "normal" life. Larry starts his new job and that means no more sleeping in. I was so good last week while at my parents house to exercise first thing in the morning. I was going to bed and getting up at the same times I need to here at home. But since returning home I have been sleeping in! Bad, bad! I am going to have to set an alarm tomorrow I think. :(

For today though I'm going to relax and enjoy this last day of my vacation!

What are you doing today?

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