Monday, February 25, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Almost a year and a half ago we moved to a new town. About a month after we moved I finally hit my goal weight so the people here never knew me when I was overweight. I realized the other day as I was sharing my blog with someone that I haven't really posted many before and after pictures. So today I thought I would just share some pictures.

 1995 or maybe early 1996. Me holding a friend's new baby. I was about 30-40 pounds overweight here.

 Bowling with my sister in 1998. I was probably about 60-65 pounds overweight here.

In 2002. I had to zoom in and crop the picture so it's not very high quality but I was about 90 pounds overweight in this picture.

 On my wedding day in 2003. I was at my top weight here at over 200 pounds.
This is in 2005 at my sister's wedding. That is my husband next to me holding our son who was only 5 months old. I actually weighed about 20 pounds less than my wedding picture 2 years earlier, but only because my son apparently has a very fast metabolism so I lost weight while pregnant and nursing.

This is later that same year at a friend's wedding. I was maintaining the same weight and was pretty happy about it.

This is in 2007 only 9 months after our 2nd son was born. Before getting pregnant with him I had regained 10 of the 20 pounds I lost with our first son, but again I lost 20 pounds during my pregnancy and while nursing. So in total I was down about 30 pounds from my wedding weight.
*edit~ I originally had this picture dated as 1997, but my lovely sister pointed out my typo. It is now correct*

After losing weight while pregnant with each boy I was not thrilled to find that while pregnant with my daughter I gained everything back. This is in 2008, holding our little girl who was 7 months old. I was back to my wedding weight by then.

This was in 2009, about 7 months before I started my weight loss journey. I was still maintaining my wedding weight which I took to mean I was just supposed to be that weight. You can read more about the emotions that brought me to this weight and what made me want to change here.
This was in 2010 about 3 months into my journey. I had lost 25 pounds and I was so excited! Looking at the picture I don't think you can really tell, but my family and friends said they could tell.

This was about 4 months later and I had lost about a total of 40 pounds. I was at my half way point.

I'm not sure exactly when this was. I was past my half way point. My kids were so excited to do the Wii with me that they would drag cushions off the chairs and couches to use as their balance boards. Then they would grab toys to use as remotes. It was actually pretty motivating for me to have them pretend to exercise with me. And I think it's cute. I wore the same exercise clothes until after I hit my goal weight. It helped me see the progress I was making.

This was about 6 months before I hit my goal. I was struggling with the last 15 pounds. They just didn't want to come off! I was all dressed up for a talent show I was performing in but I thought the picture showed that I actually had a waist line again!

This is my husband and I just 2 months later. I was still battling those pounds. He had maintained the same weight from our wedding so here I think you can really see  how much I had changed.

 This is in 2012, a few months after hitting my goal weight, 2 years after starting my journey.

 And this was a couple months later, for my birthday. Still at my goal weight.

As I went looking for pictures to include in this post I found that I still don't have many pictures of myself. I had thought I was subconsciously avoiding the camera because of my weight, but in reality I have always avoided the camera! Even now that I'm not overweight anymore I am still the one behind the camera most of the time!


  1. That is awesome to see the change! And the memories with some of those pics - "come on along, come on along, Alexander's Rag Time Band"

    1. I really wish we had gotten some good pictures of us! After all that work that Janice put in to our hair and all the hours of practice! And of course the wonderful costumes from Sharon!