Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Small Reminder

So in my last post I asked "What have you gained?" Well last week I had an experience that reminded me of something I have gained by losing 80 pounds. Last fall my parents came out to visit for a weekend and my mom brought some shirts from one of my sisters that she didn't wear anymore. Score for me! I haven't been able to get hand-me-downs from my family for like 20 years! Anyhow, the shirts were all low cut t-shirts that you layer. Well I didn't own any tank tops for layering. I was way too warm blooded when I was over-weight to wear layers. Since it was fall I had a difficult time finding tank tops too so instead I bought a couple of light weight long sleeve t-shirts to go underneath.

That worked great for fall and winter, but now that we are headed into summer I needed some tank tops. So last week I went to buy some. This still proved to be a difficult process. You would think that since we have been having 80 degree weather there would be tank tops all over the place, and there were! But many of them were all lace, or covered in sparkles, and they almost all had just the little spaghetti straps. They did not work with the shirts I needed to wear them with. My plan was to buy 2 black and 1 white since I had been lucky enough to find 1 white tank last fall.

I finally found 1 black one in my size and 1 white one. They were on sale, but it was a "buy one get one free" sale and I had no intention of buying a 3rd one at full price. There were no others in my size so getting a 4th free one was not an option. I was pretty frustrated with that, and then I had an idea...I remembered my little tiny sister (I say "little tiny" because her waist is about the size of my arm!) saying that she sometimes shops in the kids department because she is so small. Well I checked out the juniors department and was absolutely disgusted with the clothing I found there! There was no way anything in that department would work for the layering I wanted to do! So I took a chance and went to the little girls department.

I am still in shock to say that I not only found the exact kind of tank top I was looking for, but they had one that fit me too! was less expensive than the ones in the women's department! HAHAHAHA Granted, it is pretty skin tight, but since I'm wearing it under another shirt that doesn't really matter! It comes up high enough on my chest to keep me modest (I know, modest is a dirty word in today's society, but I still value modesty) and the straps are not the little spaghetti straps!

I'm wearing it today! :) 

If I had not lost my extra 80 pounds there is no way I would have been able to get new-to-me clothes from one of my sisters and certainly no way I could have shopped in the pre-teen department!

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