Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FREE 4th of July Slimdown!

Hey everyone! So I am announcing that starting on Monday, July 1, I will be running a FREE Slimdown! What does that mean? Well this slimdown is 5 days long and is a great way to help you stay on track over the holiday! Come "like" my Facebook Page,  My Pounds On Pounds Off, and leave a comment on my post there to join in! It's FREE! So what do you have to lose? How about the extra weight you might otherwise GAIN with all the holiday celebrations?

Come on over and join in!

Monday, June 24, 2013

My 15 minutes of Fame!

So check this out! It's like a commercial! I never thought I'd see myself on something like this, but here it is! He has my story slightly off, I gained the weight before getting married and having kids instead of after like he said, but he is correct about the why and when of losing the weight! Pretty cool.... :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Be Yourself

School got out 2 weeks ago and my poor little boys are going stir crazy without the school routine. Playing outside is not fun unless the neighbor kids are out. I refuse to let them stay in the house and watch tv and play on the computer all day so they are going through a bit of an adjustment period. In addition to that we have had several new kids move in to the neighborhood over the last couple of weeks so everyone is having to "find their place" again. While trying to help my 8, 6 and 5 year old children navigate this difficult time in their life I have been reminded of a sort of short story I was given while in High School. I used to think of peer pressure as something that mainly occurs in High School. I guess that as I grew up I forgot about the peer pressure that occurs in elementary school! I don't know who wrote this, so I can't give proper credit to the author, but be assured that it wasn't me!

Be Yourself, You're Safer That Way
Ever since I was a little kid I didn't want to be me. I wanted to be Ruby Goldsmith and Ruby Goldsmith didn't even like me. I walked like she walked. I talked like she talked. I signed up for the same classes she signed up for--which was when Ruby Goldsmith changed. She began to hang around June Jensen. She walked like June Jensen. She talked like June Jensen. She mixed me up! I began to walk and talk like Ruby Goldsmith walking and talking like June Jensen. And then it dawned on me that June Jensen walked and talked like Cari Jones and Cari Jones walked and talked like Kelly Smith. So here I am walking and talking like Ruby Goldsmith's imitation of June Jensen's version of Cari Jones trying to walk and talk like Kelly Smith. And who do you think Kelly Smith is always walking and talking like? Of all people--Dopey Jennifer Adams--that little pest who walks and talks like me.

You never know who is watching you and who is trying to be like you. I wish I had a great way to explain that to my kids. Just be yourself. You are good enough. You are cool enough. You don't have to try to be like someone else to fit in. Chances are that someone is trying to copy you and you just don't realize it!

The funny thing is that this is not something we out grow! Adults struggle with these same issues of trying to be like someone else! Ever hear the saying "Keeping up with the Jones'"? Yep, same thing! This is something I am starting to break free of, at least in one regard. This weight loss journey I have taken has helped me feel more confident in myself. I don't feel the need to try to change who I am to be like someone else any longer. I am good enough. I am cool enough. If someone doesn't like me that is ok. I am me. I am unique and that's a good thing. We shouldn't want to be exactly like someone else. Fine, if someone has an attribute that you admire then by all means try to include that attribute in your life! But do it in your own way! Be true to yourself!

That is something that Beachbody is helping me develop right now. I had never dreamed of being a fitness coach. Who? Me? No way! But it is something that I am finding I have a great passion for. It is part of me now and Beachbody is a great fit for my life and my personality. The support and immediate acceptance and friendship no matter what stage you are at in your journey is unparallelled in my experience.

I'm going to be myself.........YOU BE YOURSELF!  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something AMAZING!

So here is the story I've been dying to tell all of you about! Last Monday afternoon the phone rang. It had been ringing more than usual that day and almost every call had been a telemarketer. "Oh joy!" I thought as I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was yet again another toll free number. I was kind of short when I answered the call, not quite rude, but definitely not the warmest "hello" I could have mustered. On the other end was a guy asking for me. I said yes it was me on the phone and he proceeded to tell me his name and that he was calling from Beachbody! Ok I figured it was something to do with my being a new coach, checking in to see how I was feeling about things or to inform me that I needed to fill something out correctly or something like that. Nope! He was calling from the Beachbody Challenge and he was calling to inform me that my story had been chosen as one of the BEACHBODY CHALLENGE WINNERS!

What??? I think I went in to shock right then and there. I didn't know what to say. I didn't scream, or jump up and down or anything...I just quietly listened to him go on. He said that the Challenge panel had felt that my story was very inspirational and that they had chosen it to be one of the winners. "Ok" I thought. What does this mean? I figured maybe, if I was really lucky, I would be one of the $500 winners. I started to kind of comprehend what he was saying but I still didn't know how to respond. To me, my story is not "inspirational", it's just my life. I find inspiration in other people...but he was saying others would find inspiration in hearing my story. Well that's the main reason I started this blog, so I guess that's understandable. But what do you say to someone that you've never met who is complimenting your achievement like that? I don't know...Can't tell you. I didn't say much! I think he might have been worried that I was going to pass out or hang up or something because I just didn't know what to say. I did finally squeak out a "Thank you".

He was so very nice and complimentary and patient! He kept waiting for responses and I just kept thinking "What on earth do I say? Is this for real? I don't win contests!" As he went on to explain he told me that I had won a $1,000 prize! Now my brain really froze! I was half expecting the $500 since I was feeling fairly certain this was a real phone call and I really had won, but $1,000? Nope, not expecting that at all! Then he went on to say that because I won that level I will be automatically entered into the next phase which is for $5,000! That one is based on votes so I will need everyone's help there!

Voting doesn't start until July 29th and believe me I will be getting all the details out to everyone on how to vote for me. Yes there will be shameless self promoting because I want to win that next prize and go on from there! I don't normally win anything. I rarely even win a card game, let alone a contest with thousands of people entered into it! I have to say that I feel truly blessed to have been chosen. Not only is the money a blessing but the publicity is going to be helpful! I feel like I'll be able to reach so many more people and hopefully help them along their own journey!

I could have shared this earlier, but I will admit that there is a huge part of me that had to wait to see it before I could truly believe it too! So here is the link....and I hope I can count on your support and votes in the next level!

My Something AMAZING

Monday, June 17, 2013


Tomorrow is the day I get to share my AMAZING experience with all of you! I'm so excited! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what happened!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Before I get into this little thought I just want to remind everyone that there are only a few more days until I get to share my AMAZING thing that happened to me...I'm still in shock but maybe by the time I can share it with you on TUESDAY it will feel real to me!

When I was a teenager a youth leader of mine gave me this little nick-nack that I've kept on my bookshelf to express my feelings about the different genres of books I like.

It says "Variety is the Spice of Life".

You may notice that this nick-nack is not in the best condition anymore. It has served many uses in my life, not the least of which has been it's originally intended use, to make me think. Over the years I've often realized that this saying applies to many different aspects of life, not just books. Variety in reading material, movies, food, furniture, friends, society and especially in my daily routine are all wonderful things. How tiring it is to work in a job where there is no variety. 
Whenever I get in a rut I find myself thinking about this phrase and eventually I change things up somehow. Change the kind of food you are eating, the music you are listening to. Hang out with someone you haven't seen in a long time. As I was reading Teri's blog entry the other day about weight loss plateaus this saying came to mind again. Her first two tips to avoiding plateaus are 1. Vary your calorie intake and 2. Vary your workout. Wow! VARIETY! :) See it applies to fitness too!

Is Variety really the Spice of Life? Add some variety to your life and see what happens!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Something AMAZING!

Like the title says, Something Amazing happened to me today! I am still in shock but I'm dying to tell all of you about it! Unfortunately I can't tell you what that amazing thing is until next week! Oh I hate keeping secrets like this....I just want to call every single person I know and tell them what happened, but I must wait. Hmmmmm Time just slowed down, at least in one regard! I guess you'll just have to stay tuned to hear why I'm still in shock 5 hours later! It's so exciting and yet so frustrating at the same time! Stay tuned....

Friday, June 7, 2013

How Are You Like A Real Estate Listing?

Has something on TV every made you really think about something? I mean, think deeply about some topic? On Monday I was watching an interview on the "The View" with author Mika Brzezinski. She wrote the book "Obsessed" which is about her own personal battle with an eating disorder. I found a few things that she shared very interesting. She has battled with Bulimia, a need to over exercise and says that she was obsessed with food. She found support and unlikely common ground with a friend who was battling with obesity. (You can watch the full interview here. It is the last segment of the show) They made a deal to support each other and both get better.

So this got me thinking about assumptions and judgements that we make every day. Who would have thought that 2 friends were battling with the same food problems? They were handling them in opposite ways, but they both had a problem with food. I find that when I'm struggling with a problem, let's use loosing weight as an example, that I am much more comfortable talking to and asking for advice from someone who has taken their own weight loss journey. Why? Well because I know that the other person who has struggled with extra pounds will understand most if not all of the emotions and difficulties that I am encountering. I often feel judged by people who have never had those experiences so I'm less likely to open up about the reasons why I gained weight, or even the reason why I was finally able to lose it. For me it is difficult to talk to someone who can eat whatever they want without gaining weight. My experience has been that those people just don't understand what my life really is like. They live in a different nutrition reality than I do. Does that mean they are bad people? That they don't have any value? No, absolutely not! What this interview made me realize is that maybe I need to be a little more open minded about talking to people. Yes maybe this person or that person seems to be able to eat anything they want, but maybe they are struggling with an eating disorder that I don't know about. Or maybe they are addicted or obsessed to exercise and they are fighting their own health battle because of that. We may have more in common than I ever dreamed possible!

This led me to think about another discussion the other day where a group of us were discussing how damaging to our self image it can be to compare ourselves to others. I believe I've written a little about that before. To truly compare to things you need to have the same information about both items. For example, if you are comparing two homes you are going to want to know the price, the square footage, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, the lot size, etc. for both homes before you can make an educated comparison. Let's say both homes are the same price and the same square footage. The first home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The second home is on one city lot and has a 2 car garage, but you don't know how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has. This is all the information you have. Can you make a fair comparison between the two homes? No. You don't have all the information necessary. If you are looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home then home one sounds like a good deal. But maybe home 2 has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms and a den. Home 2 could be a much better home for you. The point is that you can't really compare the two homes until you have the facts about both homes. In this case all you can really compare about the homes is the price and the square footage. You really need more information and you probably need to walk through both homes to really make a decision.

Trying to compare two homes without all the facts is just like trying to compare yourself to someone else. Unless you know that person's inner thoughts, feelings, and every single experience they have ever had you cannot compare yourself to them in a fair manner. Usually what we end up doing is comparing our weak areas with someone's strong areas.

We shouldn't judge something or someone without the facts. Truthfully when are you ever going to have all the facts about another person's life? Even if you know where they lived, who they lived with, where they worked and went to school, who they were friends with, what subjects they studied in school, etc, you would never know everything. You would not know the emotional side of each of those experiences and therefore you will never have enough facts to fairly compare yourself to someone else, or to judge them.

So stop trying to. Stop thinking that you aren't good enough because "so and so" never has to exercise to stay fit, or that person can eat a huge slice of pie without gaining weight. You don't know what is going on inside their body and mind. You don't know what they do when you aren't there. Don't judge other people by how they look. But most importantly, Stop Judging Yourself By Looking at Someone Else's Partial Listing!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Prepare Ahead of Time!

Unlike my wonderful sister, Carrian, I am not a fan of cooking. I do not like spending tons of time in the kitchen chopping and browning, slicing and sauteing, etc etc. Actually Carri would say that she doesn't spend that much time in the kitchen doing those things but that's because she does them so often that she is now very fast at them. It takes me at least 4 times as long as it takes her to chop something up. I really don't have the desire to do it as often as I would need to so that I can be that fast. Anyhow, that really is neither here nor there.

The reason I brought this up is because many people say it takes too much time to eat healthy. In some ways I agree! However, with a little planning there are things you can do to combat that time issue! For example: I am the only one in my little family who loves mushrooms. Well honestly I'm the only one that even likes them! I'm not sure what happened would think that with 3 kids one of them would like them, but no. I am not a fan of plan raw mushrooms though. For years I have bought canned mushrooms to use once in a while. No more though!

Several months ago I started buying a little container of Baby Bella mushrooms. I love them! I could not use them fast enough though! No matter how hard I tried there were always mushrooms that got slimy and old. Then I felt guilty for "wasting" money. There were many times that I would have used some mushrooms but I was short on time and couldn't chop and saute them so instead I just didn't use them. So a couple of months ago I started preparing them ahead of time!

I chop them up and saute them and then put them in a little container in the fridge, that way they are ready for use at a moments notice! Now I can put them on a quick salad, or a baked potato! Or anything else that catches my fancy! I don't have to listen to my kids or my husband complain about having to eat them either because I can add them to just my serving. It's great!

For years I have done this kind of thing with hamburger so I don't know why it took me so long to apply the same strategy to mushrooms and blueberries. Silly me. For the hamburger I brown about 5 pounds at a time and then put it in containers and freeze it. I pull out the amount I need at any time and leave the rest in the freezer. I cannot tell you how much time it saves! Granted I have to spend several hours browning hamburger and sauteing mushrooms and chopping blueberries (I like them chopped up in my pancakes) the day after I buy groceries, but it is worth it!

Are there ways that you can prepare ahead to save you time later on?