Friday, June 21, 2013

Be Yourself

School got out 2 weeks ago and my poor little boys are going stir crazy without the school routine. Playing outside is not fun unless the neighbor kids are out. I refuse to let them stay in the house and watch tv and play on the computer all day so they are going through a bit of an adjustment period. In addition to that we have had several new kids move in to the neighborhood over the last couple of weeks so everyone is having to "find their place" again. While trying to help my 8, 6 and 5 year old children navigate this difficult time in their life I have been reminded of a sort of short story I was given while in High School. I used to think of peer pressure as something that mainly occurs in High School. I guess that as I grew up I forgot about the peer pressure that occurs in elementary school! I don't know who wrote this, so I can't give proper credit to the author, but be assured that it wasn't me!

Be Yourself, You're Safer That Way
Ever since I was a little kid I didn't want to be me. I wanted to be Ruby Goldsmith and Ruby Goldsmith didn't even like me. I walked like she walked. I talked like she talked. I signed up for the same classes she signed up for--which was when Ruby Goldsmith changed. She began to hang around June Jensen. She walked like June Jensen. She talked like June Jensen. She mixed me up! I began to walk and talk like Ruby Goldsmith walking and talking like June Jensen. And then it dawned on me that June Jensen walked and talked like Cari Jones and Cari Jones walked and talked like Kelly Smith. So here I am walking and talking like Ruby Goldsmith's imitation of June Jensen's version of Cari Jones trying to walk and talk like Kelly Smith. And who do you think Kelly Smith is always walking and talking like? Of all people--Dopey Jennifer Adams--that little pest who walks and talks like me.

You never know who is watching you and who is trying to be like you. I wish I had a great way to explain that to my kids. Just be yourself. You are good enough. You are cool enough. You don't have to try to be like someone else to fit in. Chances are that someone is trying to copy you and you just don't realize it!

The funny thing is that this is not something we out grow! Adults struggle with these same issues of trying to be like someone else! Ever hear the saying "Keeping up with the Jones'"? Yep, same thing! This is something I am starting to break free of, at least in one regard. This weight loss journey I have taken has helped me feel more confident in myself. I don't feel the need to try to change who I am to be like someone else any longer. I am good enough. I am cool enough. If someone doesn't like me that is ok. I am me. I am unique and that's a good thing. We shouldn't want to be exactly like someone else. Fine, if someone has an attribute that you admire then by all means try to include that attribute in your life! But do it in your own way! Be true to yourself!

That is something that Beachbody is helping me develop right now. I had never dreamed of being a fitness coach. Who? Me? No way! But it is something that I am finding I have a great passion for. It is part of me now and Beachbody is a great fit for my life and my personality. The support and immediate acceptance and friendship no matter what stage you are at in your journey is unparallelled in my experience.

I'm going to be myself.........YOU BE YOURSELF!  

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