Saturday, June 1, 2013

Prepare Ahead of Time!

Unlike my wonderful sister, Carrian, I am not a fan of cooking. I do not like spending tons of time in the kitchen chopping and browning, slicing and sauteing, etc etc. Actually Carri would say that she doesn't spend that much time in the kitchen doing those things but that's because she does them so often that she is now very fast at them. It takes me at least 4 times as long as it takes her to chop something up. I really don't have the desire to do it as often as I would need to so that I can be that fast. Anyhow, that really is neither here nor there.

The reason I brought this up is because many people say it takes too much time to eat healthy. In some ways I agree! However, with a little planning there are things you can do to combat that time issue! For example: I am the only one in my little family who loves mushrooms. Well honestly I'm the only one that even likes them! I'm not sure what happened would think that with 3 kids one of them would like them, but no. I am not a fan of plan raw mushrooms though. For years I have bought canned mushrooms to use once in a while. No more though!

Several months ago I started buying a little container of Baby Bella mushrooms. I love them! I could not use them fast enough though! No matter how hard I tried there were always mushrooms that got slimy and old. Then I felt guilty for "wasting" money. There were many times that I would have used some mushrooms but I was short on time and couldn't chop and saute them so instead I just didn't use them. So a couple of months ago I started preparing them ahead of time!

I chop them up and saute them and then put them in a little container in the fridge, that way they are ready for use at a moments notice! Now I can put them on a quick salad, or a baked potato! Or anything else that catches my fancy! I don't have to listen to my kids or my husband complain about having to eat them either because I can add them to just my serving. It's great!

For years I have done this kind of thing with hamburger so I don't know why it took me so long to apply the same strategy to mushrooms and blueberries. Silly me. For the hamburger I brown about 5 pounds at a time and then put it in containers and freeze it. I pull out the amount I need at any time and leave the rest in the freezer. I cannot tell you how much time it saves! Granted I have to spend several hours browning hamburger and sauteing mushrooms and chopping blueberries (I like them chopped up in my pancakes) the day after I buy groceries, but it is worth it!

Are there ways that you can prepare ahead to save you time later on?

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