Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something AMAZING!

So here is the story I've been dying to tell all of you about! Last Monday afternoon the phone rang. It had been ringing more than usual that day and almost every call had been a telemarketer. "Oh joy!" I thought as I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was yet again another toll free number. I was kind of short when I answered the call, not quite rude, but definitely not the warmest "hello" I could have mustered. On the other end was a guy asking for me. I said yes it was me on the phone and he proceeded to tell me his name and that he was calling from Beachbody! Ok I figured it was something to do with my being a new coach, checking in to see how I was feeling about things or to inform me that I needed to fill something out correctly or something like that. Nope! He was calling from the Beachbody Challenge and he was calling to inform me that my story had been chosen as one of the BEACHBODY CHALLENGE WINNERS!

What??? I think I went in to shock right then and there. I didn't know what to say. I didn't scream, or jump up and down or anything...I just quietly listened to him go on. He said that the Challenge panel had felt that my story was very inspirational and that they had chosen it to be one of the winners. "Ok" I thought. What does this mean? I figured maybe, if I was really lucky, I would be one of the $500 winners. I started to kind of comprehend what he was saying but I still didn't know how to respond. To me, my story is not "inspirational", it's just my life. I find inspiration in other people...but he was saying others would find inspiration in hearing my story. Well that's the main reason I started this blog, so I guess that's understandable. But what do you say to someone that you've never met who is complimenting your achievement like that? I don't know...Can't tell you. I didn't say much! I think he might have been worried that I was going to pass out or hang up or something because I just didn't know what to say. I did finally squeak out a "Thank you".

He was so very nice and complimentary and patient! He kept waiting for responses and I just kept thinking "What on earth do I say? Is this for real? I don't win contests!" As he went on to explain he told me that I had won a $1,000 prize! Now my brain really froze! I was half expecting the $500 since I was feeling fairly certain this was a real phone call and I really had won, but $1,000? Nope, not expecting that at all! Then he went on to say that because I won that level I will be automatically entered into the next phase which is for $5,000! That one is based on votes so I will need everyone's help there!

Voting doesn't start until July 29th and believe me I will be getting all the details out to everyone on how to vote for me. Yes there will be shameless self promoting because I want to win that next prize and go on from there! I don't normally win anything. I rarely even win a card game, let alone a contest with thousands of people entered into it! I have to say that I feel truly blessed to have been chosen. Not only is the money a blessing but the publicity is going to be helpful! I feel like I'll be able to reach so many more people and hopefully help them along their own journey!

I could have shared this earlier, but I will admit that there is a huge part of me that had to wait to see it before I could truly believe it too! So here is the link....and I hope I can count on your support and votes in the next level!

My Something AMAZING


  1. ah congrats Rachelle! You do deserve to win!

    1. Thank you Vickie! I was and still am very surprised!