Friday, June 14, 2013


Before I get into this little thought I just want to remind everyone that there are only a few more days until I get to share my AMAZING thing that happened to me...I'm still in shock but maybe by the time I can share it with you on TUESDAY it will feel real to me!

When I was a teenager a youth leader of mine gave me this little nick-nack that I've kept on my bookshelf to express my feelings about the different genres of books I like.

It says "Variety is the Spice of Life".

You may notice that this nick-nack is not in the best condition anymore. It has served many uses in my life, not the least of which has been it's originally intended use, to make me think. Over the years I've often realized that this saying applies to many different aspects of life, not just books. Variety in reading material, movies, food, furniture, friends, society and especially in my daily routine are all wonderful things. How tiring it is to work in a job where there is no variety. 
Whenever I get in a rut I find myself thinking about this phrase and eventually I change things up somehow. Change the kind of food you are eating, the music you are listening to. Hang out with someone you haven't seen in a long time. As I was reading Teri's blog entry the other day about weight loss plateaus this saying came to mind again. Her first two tips to avoiding plateaus are 1. Vary your calorie intake and 2. Vary your workout. Wow! VARIETY! :) See it applies to fitness too!

Is Variety really the Spice of Life? Add some variety to your life and see what happens!

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