Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Do you have cravings? Really strong cravings? A couple of friends of mine were talking the other day about how much they have been craving certain foods lately. They were telling me that these cravings were stronger than normal and they were really struggling with eating healthy and not giving in to the cravings. Although sometimes they craved semi-healthy food too, not just sugar or salt.

Chocolate has always been my downfall. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! So while we were talking I naturally started to say that I'm always craving chocolate, but before I said anything I tried to think of the last craving I had so I could share the story of what I was craving and what I did to satisfy that craving without totally sabotaging myself. Nothing came to mind immediately so I just listened to their stories and laughed with them and the conversation quickly moved on to other things. For the next few days I put some serious thought into that subject. I started to think that I was losing my mind, or at least my memory, because I couldn't think of the last time I had really been craving ANYTHING!

At first I decided that I have just gotten so used to craving chocolate, specifically brownies, that I must not be consciously acknowledging it anymore, so I tried to stop thinking about it. But the question kept creeping up in my mind. I noticed that when it was time for my "After the kids are in bed" snack I was having a difficult time deciding what to snack on. Usually I just zone in on what I've been craving throughout the day and I eat a snack that satisfies that craving. For example, if I've been craving something chocolatey and cold or smooth then I would have a fudge bar or pudding snack. If I wanted something with a little more substance I would choose a Fiber One chocolate brownie or Weight Watchers Snack cake. Well that wasn't happening this time! I was a little hungry, just enough for a snack, but there was no craving to zone in on! UGH!

Why is this a bad thing? Well because, like I said, it makes my decision on what to have for a snack really hard! Maybe I should just skip the snack, right? Well maybe, but I enjoy having a snack in the peace and quiet evening after the kids are asleep, while I sit and have some quality time with my husband. So I save some calories for that time. If I just skip that snack then I don't eat enough calories and that ends up hurting my weight goals in the long run.

Why is the craving gone? What has changed in my life that has erased these cravings? That has been my huge question. Well the answer hit me the other day. I was listening to some other Beachbody coaches and they were talking about the benefits of drinking Shakeology every day. The typical benefit that I hear from others is how it helps you lose weight. Well, yes it does do that, especially if you are drinking it in place of a fast food meal, or any meal that isn't very healthy. I haven't personally seen that benefit yet, at least not on it's own. I'm exercising regularly so I can't say that Shakeology has helped me lose weight. The next benefit one of the coaches mentioned was how it helps curb her cravings. That caught my attention and I started to wonder. I have been drinking Shakeology for a month and a half now, but surely I've still had some cravings during that time, right? Hmmmm I am 99.9% sure that I haven't had a single craving during the last month, maybe longer. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when the cravings disappeared because I didn't write it down when it happened. I didn't even notice for several weeks that the cravings were gone!

I can just hear some of you saying "Well, if it took so long to notice the cravings were gone how can you be sure it was the Shakeology that has impacted those cravings?" That's a great question! I can tell you that it's not because I've been told that is one of the benefits of drinking Shakeology every day. However it is the only thing I've changed in my diet. I still eat the same breakfast and the same dinners. I still use the same foods for snacks. The only thing I have changed is that I now drink Shakeology for lunch. I didn't really expect this benefit to hit home so personally. I believe that Shakeology is the healthiest meal out there. I totally believe that it helps curb your appetite because I do not feel hungry again for at least 2-3 hours after having one. Often I'm not hungry for about 4 hours but I still make sure to get my snack in there. Most of the claims you hear about a product eliminating cravings is because you are full and therefore you don't get hungry enough to crave. At least that has always been my take on that claim. Well that's not the case for me here. I still get hungry. Things still look and sound good to eat. Sometimes they still make my mouth water! But that intense craving, like I'm going to eat everything in the house until I get that big chocolatey piece of cake, is gone!

So, what is Shakeology? The easiest way to answer that question is to tell you that it is the most nutritious meal of the day. This is not a "protein" drink, which is what I thought in the beginning. This is a nutrient dense shake. Yes it has a large amount of protein, but it also has a huge amount of the vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables that you should be eating every day. It truly is nutrient dense, yet it tastes good! Follow any of these Shakeology links and then click on the "learn more" video to get more specific information about the ingredients and the benefits. And by all means, ask me if you have questions or are interested in learning more about it!

I am absolutely AMAZED! And I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I'm sure that everyone's experience is a little different, so I don't claim that if you start drinking Shakeology you will never have a craving again. But for me it has absolutely eliminated my cravings, especially for chocolate! So that's why I'm sharing. When you find something that helped you and might help others you want to share it! :)  I do still love chocolate, don't get me wrong! But I don't feel like I must have it!

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