Monday, July 1, 2013


I have been feeling overwhelmed the last couple of weeks. This new coaching job is very time consuming, at least right now while I'm new and trying to learn everything that I should be doing. I have been talking to a lot of people and I am amazed at how much I have enjoyed sharing my experiences. I shouldn't be amazed since I have enjoyed blogging so much, however there is a whole new vulnerability to sharing my story in person. I have always been shy about sharing the reason I gained weight in the first place. It wasn't a conscience decision but looking back I recognize and admit the reason. It took me many months to get the courage to post it here in my blog (see the tab at the top that says "My Story") but now I find that I can talk about it so much easier. I still feel that my reasons were irrational, but they are part of my story and if sharing those reasons with others can help them avoid some of the trials I went through then it's worth it. So I've been very busy getting that going. If you want to see more updates from me you should check out my Facebook page at I will still be posting here, but there will be regular updates and announcements about Slimdowns and Challenge Groups and Beachbody specials over there.

In addition to that I have 3 kids at home since school is out. It's summer time and there are always a million things going on over the summer. We have been going on mini vacations (quick weekend trips) over to my mother in laws home. In fact, we are headed there again this Thursday. Not to mention the other little projects I have going.

So I've been overwhelmed. I have to say though that sticking to my workouts and using Shakeology is really helping me! I know that these two things are helping to keep me focused and that I have more energy to put in to all these different parts of my life right now!

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