Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't Let the Scale Fool YOU!

First off, before I get into the main thing I wanted to talk about today, I just wanted to say a Huge THANK YOU to everyone who came and voted for me in the Beachbody Challenge! I'm not exactly sure when the winners will be announced. Originally the announcement was supposed to be made on August 26th, but since there was a problem with the technical side of things and the voting was extended an extra week I'm not sure if the results will be announced on schedule or if they will also be delayed. I promise that as soon as they are announced I will post about it here! I really do appreciate the time you took to go support me. As as a side note, that is one reason my blog has been lacking lately! I have been so busy helping people get signed up and showing them how to vote, then reminding them to vote that I completely neglected my blog. So sorry! Now that voting is over there will be more regular posts again!

So on to the real topic here....The SCALE!

Three weeks ago I started a new workout program, LesMills Combat, and it really pushes me hard! I have never done a workout like this before. I never had any desire to do kick boxing or anything like that. I bought this program and started it with the hopes of having my husband work the program with me. He used to really enjoy martial arts so I thought this might entice him. So far that has not happened, but I'm enjoying it anyhow!

Today I weighed in for the first time since I started the program. I really thought I would have lost a couple of pounds by now because I work hard and I sweat a lot! The scale however told a different story. I lost a whole whopping 0.2 pounds! WHAT??? 3 weeks of working out 6 days/week, doing a hard workout and I only lost 0.2 pounds? I know, because I can tell in the mirror, that I've been building muscle. So although the frustration and the negative thoughts started immediately I quickly turned my brain into reviewing what I have been doing over the last 3 weeks. I have been eating right, staying within my calories etc. I have been drinking my Shakeology, and I have been working out.

As I'm sure some of you already know, muscle weighs more than fat. That thought quickly went through my mind but I automatically discarded it. The thought crossed my mind again and this time I didn't discard it as quickly, but I was doubtful that would be the case. The 3rd time my mind registered the fact that muscle weighs more than fat I decided I would push all those frustrations aside until I had measured again too.

I quickly fed my family breakfast and then jumped in the shower. During that whole time I was constantly fighting discouragement. You would think that by now, after experiencing this a few times, that the discouragement would take longer to set in. But it doesn't. Anyhow, as soon as I was finished with my shower I took my measurements. This is something new to me. When I originally set out on my weight loss journey I didn't take a single measurement other than my weight. I just didn't care about anything else. Looking back I wish I had those original numbers to compare with where I am now.

I'm sure you are wondering what I found. Well, I found that I have lost 1 inch off my waist. An inch off my hips, an inch off each thigh and I have GAINED 1/2 inch on each bicep. Ok muscle weighs more than fat and measurements tell a story the scale doesn't. As soon as I saw those measurements I felt the discouragement fall away. The scale might say I've only lost 0.2 pounds, but the measurements show greater progress and honestly the way my stomach and my thighs look is far more important to me right now than what the number on the scale is!

So, Don't Let the Scale Fool YOU!

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