Sunday, November 17, 2013

Being Converted

First of all I have to say that things have been so busy around my house that I haven't had the time to sit down and write in this blog. I feel horrible about it and I'm going to try to be better. I started working full time and getting a new routine together in the midst of fall sports was a bit overwhelming. My family and I have pretty well settled in now so I should be back to writing more regularly.

With that said I have had some thoughts recently that I need to get down on "paper". I have been drinking Shakeology for about 5 months now. I didn't notice a big change at first. I'm not one of the people who started losing weight when I started drinking it. After a couple of months what I did notice was that my cravings were disappearing. I have shared this before. I think it's a great benefit of drinking such a nutritious drink almost every day. I don't have that almost undeniable craving, for chocolate especially, but for anything.

Since I have talked about this before some of you may be wondering why I'm bringing it up again. Well the other day at work I was in the copy room and there were 3 boxes of yummy looking donuts sitting about 3 feet away from me. The donuts were there for anyone to have, free of charge. They were left over from an event that morning with students and parents. Anyhow, I remember noticing that someone had supplied a butter knife in the top box so you could take just half of one if you wanted. As I stood a few feet away a couple of thoughts kept going through my mind. One: "I am glad I am not in this room often. I know there are cookies and donuts and cake and other treats brought in often and I'm so glad I don't have that temptation all the time." Two: "I could take that knife and cut off just a bite of that maple bar, or the glazed donut right next to it. One little bite as I leave this room. It would be a great taste but I wouldn't over-do it because I would leave the room while eating the bite." A few minutes later when I was almost back to the classroom I was surprised to realize I had left the copy room without even walking over to the donut box, let alone cutting off one bite!

That night I was at a dinner. We had lasagne and salad with rolls and then a wide variety of really delicious looking desserts. I remember looking at those desserts while putting the lasagne and salad on my plate and thinking that I would make just take one of the cookies so I wouldn't be so tempted to take a big piece of cake. That way I could enjoy some sweets without feeling guilty and without over eating. After all, I had passed on the donuts without even thinking about it too much, therefore I was entitled to some dessert! Anyhow, I filled my plate with a large salad helping, a small lasagne helping and one roll. I reasoned that I couldn't take dessert right then because my plate was too full. I would have to come back, but there was plenty. When I finished eating I sat and visited with the other women at the table. I looked many times at the table of desserts and my mind kept telling me to just go get one. Instead I went back and got a bit more salad and a few more bites of lasagne. When I was finished with that and the program was over there were still several desserts to choose from. I watched as people started to clean up and put the desserts away and I found that I wasn't even tempted to go get one.

I thought this was very odd. In the past I would have had difficulty limiting myself to only one dessert! Today a tray of home made fudge was passed around for everyone to sample. I took the tray from my husband and without even a second thought I passed it on to the person on the other side of me. What??? Who am I and what am I doing? I LOVE fudge! You may think that I'm bragging about this great will power that I have developed, but I'm not. I did not feel like I had sacrificed anything in these 3 circumstances.

In church today there was a speaker who was speaking on the difference between having a testimony (or knowing something is true/right) and being converted. I realized after I passed the fudge plate on that somewhere along the lines I have truly become converted to eating healthier! Does this mean I don't ever have dessert? Or that I never even want dessert? NO! I still enjoy it and I still want it from time to time.What it means in my life is that passing on those very sweet, high calorie, addictive for me, treats is not as much of a sacrifice any more! That is a huge change in my life and I have to say I truly find some freedom in that! I can only credit Shakeology and Beachbody for this change in my life. It is amazing to me and I love it!

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